Dissatisfying Sex Life Is Taking a Toll on Your Marriage

How Your Dissatisfying Sex Life Is Taking a Toll on Your Marriage

There are many ingredients that go into making the perfect marriage. An ideal healthy marriage should have: open communication, trust, emotional intimacy, and physical attraction, and intimacy.

Couples often use sex as a means to not think about underlying problems. Having too much sex—especially when you’re using it as a tool ignore other problems—is not healthy, but having a dissatisfying or non-existent sex life isn’t either.


Deciding to Stay

Deciding to Stay: Rebuilding Trust and Intimacy After An Affair

An affair can wreck everything your relationship stood for. You may find yourself grasping at anything to hold it together, but the rage, jealousy, and heartbreak that follow the unfaithfulness of a partner can sometimes be irreparable. The APA cites that 42 percent of divorced individuals report having had more than one affair, making it a prevalent occurrence in marriages.


Living With a Narcissist

Living With a Narcissist: Dealing With Your Partner’s Constant Gas-lighting Behavior

When you’ve lived with someone for a long time, you may begin to take behaviors and habits at face value. You may not even pay heed to the things they say to you, since you don’t assume they could mean something sinister. A slight remark or inquisitive question may not seem like a big deal once in a while, but noticing a pattern in your partner’s behavior can open Pandora’s Box for you.

It’s only when you begin to pick up on these comments and behaviors that you can see the hidden motive behind them.