Rebuilding Self-Esteem After Infidelity

Rebuilding Self-Esteem After Infidelity

It’s hard to forgive someone who’s betrayed you after you’ve given them your all. The partner who has been cheated on tends to obsess over past memories, desperately trying to find answers to what went wrong and why it happened.

Infidelity cripples your self-esteem in a way that makes it difficult for you to recover and move past. People lose a sense of self and feel worthless for the following months.

So how do you get past what has happened to you? How do you rebuild your self-esteem when someone you loved and trusted with all your heart has stepped out on you?

Let’s take a look:


Are You Letting Your Kids Ruin Your Marriage

Are You Letting Your Kids Ruin Your Marriage?

A study discussed in the Wall Street Journal found that two-thirds of couples stated that their relationship suffered once they had children. These couples saw the quality of their lives deteriorate within three years after they had their first child and were eventually forced to file for divorce. The primary reason for this was the mother’s dissatisfaction.

According to reports, 40% of married couples in the US file for divorce within 5 years after their first child is born.

It’s clear that couples are unprepared for parenting and what comes with it. They may feel like they have what it takes to raise a child, but they often don’t realize how a child may affect their relationship with each other.

Let’s take a closer look at how having kids may impact a relationship between a couple: