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Can Anxiety Be A Barrier in Your Search For Love?

Statistics show that anxiety disorder impacts 40 million adults in the United States who are over the age of 18 but only around 40% of these people seek treatment for it.

Living with anxiety without the awareness of managing it effectively can make things more challenging. It creeps up in different ways for different people depending on our personal experiences, family dynamics, etc.


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Signs You Should Consider Couple’s Counseling

Relationship counseling seems daunting and scary, especially if you’re unaware of what therapy is and what to expect. Hence many couples don’t even consider the option because of a fear of the unknown.

There are many causes of divorce such as a partner cheating on you, or the birth of a child causing post-partum depression or other personal predicaments that can eventually create distance between you and your partner.

You might even feel like you’ve reached your wit’s end, it seems out of your hands to be able to save the relationship. Before you decide to pull the plug on it, it can help to consider seeking out an empathetic mediator to help you overcome your challenges such as setting personal boundaries.


4 Ways to Be a Better Communicator

4 Ways to Be a Better Communicator

When you feel a little bit lost and alone in life, it’s natural to look at your past relationships and wonder what went wrong. Every time a relationship ends, it leaves you feeling like you made a mistake at first, but you soon realize what it means to come to terms with it.

It might have been an important lesson to learn and grow from. California happens to be a state inhabited by a majority of single people and a large portion of the population plans to keep it that way. It’s also interesting to observe that there’s a trend to opt for cohabitation as opposed to marriage for those that do want to settle down eventually.

Are we moving towards being a jaded generation?


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3 Bad Communication Habits to Break This Year

Not being able to communicate effectively is a soft-skill that you might be missing out on and one that can become a hindrance in your daily life.

Whether it’s an inhibition to set boundaries with co-workers or feeling frustrated in your relationships and friendships, the inability to communicate properly can hold you back.

Statistics show that 42–45% of first marriages end in divorce, with the average length of the marriage ending in divorce to be almost a decade long.

It’s almost alarming that a union that long can end in divorce so frequently, all because partners struggle to have a conversation where they can both listen and be heard.


Dealing With An Emotionally Distant Partner ft

Dealing With An Emotionally Distant Partner

Many couples experience the uncomfortable fizzling out of their relationship and witness their marriage losing its spark.

If you feel like you partner has retreated and become emotionally unavailable, here’s how you can deal with the situation.