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How to Begin Recovering from an Affair

Recovering from an affair is complicated. It’s a betrayal of your trust from one of the most significant people in your life. Moreover, it’s followed by immense emotional turmoil and the prospect of losing this person.

While healing is probably on your mind, beginning the process is difficult and uncertain. You’re not sure where to begin, and even if you are, it’s hard to come out of your emotional tumult and take the first step. Continue reading for a glimpse into how to start the process and what it’s like.


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The Effects of Financial Troubles on a Relationship

The role of money in relationships is often stigmatized. For example, many women who allegedly marry a rich person are pejoratively labeled ‘gold diggers.’ This obscures the importance of money in a relationship. While money doesn’t necessarily create a happy relationship, it is crucial to one. Food, shelter, utilities, entertainment, and much more depend on money.

Continue reading to see how financial troubles may affect your relationship.


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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Becoming Toxic

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between your significant other asking you to give a bit and them taking advantage of you. It can also be challenging to gauge if they meant to take advantage of you or if it was a mistake.

These gray areas are perplexing and difficult to interpret. An honest mistake could be interpreted as toxic behavior without proper communication. Nevertheless, there are more apparent signs that your relationship is becoming toxic.

Here are some of them: