Two women discussing sex therapy in Palo Alto

3 Signs It’s Time to See A Sex Therapist

Sex therapy is geared toward helping couples and single people speak openly and honestly about various issues that impact their personal and sexual life. Sexual health is a major component of mental health, and an unsatisfactory sex life can lead to other kinds of problems such as anxiety and depression.

However, given the stigma around mental health, people are still hesitant to acknowledge the benefits of sex therapy in helping us lead happier, healthier lives. Few people know that sex therapy exists, and an even smaller number is more likely to seek a professional. Here are a few signs that you need to be wary of:


A couple getting marriage counseling in Palo Alto

3 Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Partner

One of the signs that you’re ready to get married is that you have a strong and long-lasting emotional connection with your partner. However, it’s common to feel like you’re not close to your partner even though you might love them deeply. Sometimes, in the event of major losses or during a difficult period of your life when you’re battling your own personal struggles, your relationship may suffer.

If you’re someone who struggles to open up to others and feel deprived of a loving relationship in your life, consider these following ways to connect with your partner emotionally.


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Are You Ready to Get Married?

A long history of failed relationships isn’t the only deciding factor for whether or not you can get married. Unless your relationships were not fruitful because you have commitment issues and a fear of intimacy — both of which can be managed with the right therapist if you’re willing to work on it. However, it also means you need to reconsider whether marriage is even a priority for you, or you’re just jumping on the bandwagon.

It can feel surreal when people you barely knew in college have settled down and even more of a shock when one of your closest friends decide to tie the knot. However, that doesn’t mean that maybe it’s the right time for you and that you should force this union with whoever is in your life. Often, marriage is about the right timing, finding the right person and feeling centered enough in your life to be able to invest yourself whole-heartedly in it.