About Azizeh

About Azizeh


Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Azizeh Rezaiyan. I have worked as a therapist for over 20 years. My work is primarily with couples, however, I also do a great deal of work with individuals and families. I know that for most people, making the decision to see a therapist isn’t an easy one. I hope to make it easier for you to take the first step on your journey towards achieving your personal goals.

After my formal education, a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I went on to complete an additional four years of training in Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IBP) focusing on couples therapy, communication, infidelity, sexuality, anxiety, and new parents.

In addition to my training as a therapist, my work is shaped by my life being a woman and having been a daughter, a wife, and an adoptive mother, and by having lived in many different cultures in four countries before making my home in the U.S. My experience has given me a passion for helping people who are struggling with their own life’s path, their relationships and sense of belonging in their communities. I believe that this has given me a unique vantage point to observe and to help my clients.

I approach my work with compassion and careful listening. I work hard to establish a mutual connection with my clients that is safe and supportive, while also gently guiding them to dig deep to resolve the issues that are central to the history of the events that led them to seek help.

I am passionate about my work. And I encourage you to will find the strength you need to be vulnerable, so that you may learn, heal, and grow, to sustain your sense of self and to flourish in your personal relationships, work life and in your community.