Los Altos

Relationship Counseling Center in Los Altos

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling offers marriage, infidelity, relationship, same-sex, and premarital counseling in Los Altos, a small city 37 miles south of San Fransico. All relationships come with their fair share of problems and issues. When you start navigating different areas of life together with your partner, you can feel exhausted, distressed, and even hopeless.

Relationship stress or trauma can lead to other issues, including emotional distancing, mental health problems, and chronic illnesses. If you and your partner are constantly arguing, you can reach out to me.

My name is Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, and I’m a licensed marriage and family Farsi-speaking therapist. I have over 20 years of experience working with couples. With me, you can find new ways of communicating, so you’re not just arguing but also finding a way to fix things. I’ll help you mediate things and reach a common ground.

Mental Health Counseling in Los Altos

If you’re someone living in Los Altos with mental illness or if you are concerned for a loved one struggling with their mental health, we can provide you with the support you need. Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling offers various counseling and therapy services to provide safety and comfort to all Los Altos residents.

We use our resources to care for those dealing with mental health problems, including anxiety and male depression in Los Altos. All residents can reach out to me for guidance and assistance, and I will help you out in the best ways possible.

Farsi Speaking Therapist in Los Altos

It’s hard to reach out for help, especially when you’re dealing with anxiety, relationship or marriage problems, family problems, or infidelity. I can help you out with the healing process, regardless of what you’re going through.

If your goal is to become better and find a sense of value in your life, therapy is your answer. I can provide you with a safe yet challenging environment where you can see things in a new light. For couples or families, I provide guidance through various exercises.

Working towards a lasting solution means exploring your patterns of behavior and thoughts. Everything has an effect, and when we interact and talk, we can figure out how to separate our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. When you understand how your mind and body work, you can recognize your destructive behavior and be more in control.