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Therapy for Anxiety in San Diego

San Diego is known for its idyllic climate and dazzling beaches, a beauty you won’t be able to appreciate much if you’re stressed out and hiding away because of anxiety. Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling has been offering therapy for anxiety in San Diego for decades and can help you with yours as well!

Therapy for Anxiety in San Diego

Anxiety is just as big of a problem as depression is. Hundreds of millions of people deal with it every day, and it affects their lives in more ways than one:

  • Anxiety doesn’t just stop you from going up, meeting new people, or having new experiences. Long-term, it can break down your central nervous system and cause stress and/or depression.
  • Anxiety can also cause OCD, where people might feel overwhelmed or obsessed about repeating certain habits. These compulsions can also become aggressive quickly.
  • Anxiety disorder can result in or aggravate phobias.
  • Anxiety can also result in a panic disorder where people with anxiety might have spontaneous bouts of terror or have thoughts of their impending doom. This can have physical reactions on the body like heart palpitations and chest pain.

Admitting you have anxiety and that it may be negatively impacting your life isn’t easy for many. After all, you need to admit that you might have it and seek help so you can prevent it from controlling your life. We’ve made getting help easier than ever with a free 20-minute phone call. Take the first step to getting rid of anxiety, and if your anxiety has resulted in a depressive disorder, we also offer male depression treatment in San Diego.

What Else Do We Offer?

You can contact us for a free 20-minute phone call and see for yourself why counseling is the right choice for you. Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling is a relationship counseling center in San Diego that also offers:

  • Infidelity counseling
  • Therapy for anxiety
  • Male depression treatment
  • Same-sex couples counseling
  • Premarital counseling

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling – Helping People for Decades

I, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, have been helping people for more than 20 years with infidelity therapy, male depression therapy, premarital counseling, anxiety, and couple’s therapy in San Diego. It all starts with a simple phone call, so get your life back in order with the help of Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling. Call today and set up an appointment!