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Looking for Infidelity counseling in San Carlos?

Dealing with infidelity isn’t easy; it can cause deep-rooted scars and trust issues and result in a loss of self-confidence. Addressing the betrayal on your own can be quite difficult. You’re overrun with emotions, confused about the state of your relationship if you’ve chosen to stay, and are likely surrounded by emotionally charged loved ones.

I, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, am an English and Farsi-speaking therapist with decades of experience helping couples and individuals achieve relationship harmony and deal with infidelity.

Why Do You Need Infidelity Counseling?

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling offers infidelity therapy in San Carlos, but do you need it? In short, if you’ve gone through it, you should definitely take infidelity counseling. It’ll help:

  • To address the root cause of infidelity.
  • To discuss what led to the affair.
  • To see the roles of both partners in infidelity.
  • To see how communication can start again.
  • Take an in-depth look at how the affair has impacted the couple’s lives.
  • To rebuild trust in a relationship.
  • To identify what led to the relationship breaking down.

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling – The Leading Relationship Counseling Center in San Carlos

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling is a relationship counseling center in San Carlos run by Azizeh E. Rezaiyan that has been helping couples for decades. San Carlos is known as “the city of good living”, but are you really living well if you have to deal with a bunch of problems in your personal life every day?

We offer:

Here we are dedicated to helping you find a resolution to your troubled marriage and deal with various issues that might plague it. We also offer male depression treatment and anxiety counseling because, despite millions of people going through it every day, the help available is subpar.

SiliconValley Marriage Counseling is here to help!

It all starts with a simple phone call to Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling. So take that simple step to create a loving and nurturing relationship. Contact us today and get a free 20-minute phone call. Whether it’s counseling for depression, anxiety, or marriage counseling in San Carlos, Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling can help!