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Relationship Counseling Center for Couples in Palo Alto

Relationships: they take effort and compromise. Often, we are not willing to do either. While it is easy to believe that we are right in every situation, cultivating a healthy and successful relationship requires give and take. My services add a neutral third person to fix a two-person relationship conflict.

About Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a 100-year-old city and home to Stanford University and its hustle and bustle life. Romance can flourish in our city’s beautiful art centers, Rodin sculptures, and marshland trails, but when was the last time you used these to connect with your partner? If you need help reconnecting, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan is here. I am an English and Farsi-speaking therapist with decades of experience helping couples and individuals achieve relationship harmony.

More than Infidelity

Marriage isn’t always sunshine and roses. Once the honeymoon period is over, couples realize that marriage takes hard work, commitment, and compromise. Disagreements naturally arise from time to time. Should they become too problematic, couple’s therapy should be considered. Marriage counseling deals with more than infidelity. It can strengthen relationships by:

  • Offering professional guidance
  • To set realistic shared goals and shared vision
  • Identifying behavioral patterns
  • Improving communication
  • Creating accountability
  • Helping the couples focus as individuals and as a unit

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling Helps Improve Your Relationship

If you feel that your partner has become distant without apparent fault or reason, it is time to get help. Whether you need to diagnose the problem(s), improve communication, or just learn to appreciate everyday life with your partner, Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, can help!

Virtual Therapy for Palo Alto Residents

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling offers premarital counseling that gives couples a healthy start to a new phase of their lives and infidelity counseling to come to terms with such crises. We also help you work on open communications about sexuality to keep the spark alive,  enhance emotional bonding, and offer therapy for anxiety to bring peace. No matter what kind of therapy you need, our center has helped many residents of Palo Alto heal and live a happier, healthier marriage.

Call for a Free Consultation

It all starts with a simple phone call to Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling. So take that simple step to create a loving and nurturing relationship. Contact us today and get a free 20-minute phone call. Whether it’s counseling for depression, anxiety, or relationship strengthening, Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling can help!

Strengthen Your Connection at Palo Alto’s Top Relationship Counseling Center

Fast-paced careers, cultural diversity, and the pressures of Palo Alto, Silicon Valley’s tech hub, can strain even the strongest bonds.

Here’s where family therapy can make a difference:

  • Rising Divorce Rates:Santa Clara County, which encompasses Palo Alto, has a divorce rate hovering around 7.3%, among the lowest in California, but a significant enough number to worry the 53% of married couples in the city. Proactive relationship counseling can help couples navigate their rough patches and build stronger relationships.
  • Blended Families:The influx of professionals from various backgrounds can lead to blended families. Relationship counseling offers tools for effective communication and overcoming the problems that usually strain the dynamics among merging families.
  • Multicultural Considerations: Palo Alto’s multicultural population means couples from different backgrounds may face cultural differences that impact communication and intimacy. A therapist with experience in multicultural issues can help bridge these gaps.

Family therapy isn’t just about fixing problems; it’s about creating a stronger foundation for your relationship. Visit our relationship counseling center in Palo Alto today to build your marital stronghold.