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Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling – Relationship Counseling Center in Los Angeles

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling is a relationship counseling center that provides online counseling, helping couples find the spark again in their marriages. It aids them in dealing with issues that plague many marriages to create a healthy relationship that has the commitment, trust, and good communication that’ll make it last longer.

However, Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling is much more than you think. We offer many more services than just marriage guidance counseling in Los Angeles.

· Infidelity Counseling

Dealing with a partner’s affair is one of the most difficult things you might have to do in a marriage. Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling offers infidelity counseling in Los Angeles to help you focus on forgiving or help you if you decide to let go and move on.

· Premarital Counseling

Los Angeles is The City of Angels and home to Hollywood, which has released millions of shows and movies that have often led to people misunderstanding marriage. Many people go into their marriage thinking it’s all fluff and roses, but while you’ll have those fluffy moments, you’ll also need to put work in for a healthy marriage. That’s why we offer premarital counseling in Los Angeles so you can have a better understanding of your partner and set realistic expectations for your marriage.

· Same-Sex Couples Counseling

There have been many therapeutic issues in same-sex couples counseling. It’s mainly because although they have many commonalities with hetero couples, the social context they live in is different.

· Marriage Counseling

Couples therapy in Los Angeles is always a good choice. Those who move to the city find out very quickly that the city’s fast-paced life can take its toll. Marriage counseling can help repair a relationship and reduce clashes in a couple. It also helps you stay focused on what’s important, each other.

· Therapy for Anxiety 

Anxiety can be debilitating for many; that’s why we offer therapy for anxiety in Los Angeles to find the underlying causes, find ways for you to cope, and overcome it. This will help you relax and stop anxiety from keeping you going about your daily life.

· Male Depression Treatment 

We offer male depression treatment in Los Angeles because it often goes ignored. Males who are depressed might use anger instead of sadness, which even their family might not be able to help with. We can help!

Step On the Path of Healing with Azizeh E. Rezaiyan

I, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, have been helping people for more than 20 years with virtual therapy for: infidelity therapy, male depression therapy, premarital counseling, anxiety, and couple’s therapy in Los Angeles. Healing is a process and takes time, but to truly heal, you need to take a step towards it. It’s not easy to open yourself, be vulnerable, and ask for help when others around you might not be able to help because of worry and bias.

Here’s where I come in. I provide a neutral perspective so you can remedy the hurts in your life. Call today to get your free 20-minute phone call and set up an appointment!