Same-Sex Couples Counseling

Same-Sex Couples Counseling

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Every relationship requires some work, and often, problems can arise that present the need of a professional to help individuals work through them. From a lack of communication to issues with infidelity, a vast number of issues may require a couple to seek counseling.

However, for same-sex couples, the primary concern may be the fact that a counselor may not understand their lifestyle, and that the experience may in fact end up being more damaging than conducive to healing. With heterosexuality being the “norm” in society, it can indeed be difficult for same-sex couples to find a counselor that can meet their needs without making unnecessary assumptions.

There is also the pressure on same-sex couples from their families and society, wherein parents may impose certain religious or cultural expectations and hopes on them, and not being able to meet those can create quite the psychological struggle.

However, at Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, same-sex couples can rest easy knowing that they can get the safe space and the help that their relationship needs. Our clients comprise of a variety of genders and sexualities, and we can help provide the counsel they need, in a positive, non-judgmental environment.

It’s essential to find a counselor that you are comfortable with, who can take on the right kind of objective approach to the struggles of same-sex couples. You may be seeking out counseling for a variety of reasons—whether it has to do with intimacy issues, miscommunication, infidelity, or parenting. With the help of Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, your struggling relationship may just be saved in time.

Azizeh E. Rezaiyan is a licensed therapist who has spent over two decades in the industry, helping both individuals and couples acquire the mental and emotional assistance they need. Her expertise also extends to providing same-sex couples with a non-biased environment that can provide them with the counsel they need to learn and grow.

Her experience with counseling in the department of relationships and sexuality allows her to understand the challenges that you may be facing, and work with you to guide you to the right solutions that work for you.

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