Male Depression Treatment

Male Depression Treatment

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You Can Come Back from Depression

  • Reconnect with loved ones
  • Increase energy, emotional capacity and will to live
  • Engage in family, work and social functions
  • Gain confidence in your decisions and actions
  • Overcome feelings of isolation
  • Feel accepted by peers

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Although everyone struggles with challenges and setbacks that can trigger stress, anxiety and depression symptoms, men are more likely to conceal these emotions from those around them. Societal pressures and self-doubt are two of the contributing factors that drive men to suffer in silence.

More than six million men in the United States face depression every year, and many more go undiagnosed. Some men may be facing debilitating depression while effectively hiding their symptoms from family, friends, and colleagues. The symptoms of depression for males are as varied as its causes. Some people may feel heightened anxiety or irritability, a deep heaviness or fatigue, or it might feel that the world is in a fog. Some people feel they aren’t understood or are criticized by those around them. Living with depression as a male can lead to feelings of despair and may cause men to believe they don’t deserve to be happy or fulfilled.

Healing through Male Depression Treatment

In confidential treatment sessions, Azizeh focuses on establishing a process that addresses the unique needs, goals and personalities of men suffering from depression. When an individual begins to understand, address and express his needs, it becomes easier to move forward and to connect with others.

Azizeh can help address how society, culture and individual upbringings impact men. The roots of most clinical depression are in early childhood, attachment style and understanding the influence of parents’ culture in early childhood can be important. Azizeh is able to provide fresh perspectives and coping mechanisms in a non-judgmental environment to help men with depression learn healthy coping mechanisms and behaviors to deal with stressful events.

She also focuses on recognizing and analyzing patterns of thoughts and behaviors that trigger and compound depression symptoms in males. Reframing negative thoughts helps to reduce and even eliminate the negative impacts of depression, increasing satisfaction in personal and professional endeavors. With a direct approach to treatment and a willingness to change, men can achieve fulfilling relationships, careers and lives they have always wanted.

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