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Living in the high-pressure entrepreneurial environment of Silicon Valley, it’s only natural to expect the culture of relationships to take a hit. There can be a certain kind of disconnect between partners, and if it is not bridged, then the gap can become far too wide to fill.

In Silicon Valley, there is also the fact that most couples have immigrated from other states or countries, and therefore they lack the familial support structure. This lack of the “whole village” framework to help them manage everything from domestic work and parenting to social and work lives has quite the impact, putting all the burden on the shoulders of the couple.

With the immense pressure of a fast-paced lifestyle in Silicon Valley and the competitive nature of work, the creativity needed to maintain a balanced life tending to work, kids, and sustaining an intimate relationship to keep the spark alive tends to be lacking.

Like with any other relationship, couples and families in Silicon Valley have to do their part to give due attention to the needs of the relationship. The lack of work-life balance and the propensity to live in a bubble can take quite the toll, and unless active effort is made, any relationship can fall apart if one or both partners are constantly work-focused.


Whatever the dynamic in the work environment, coming home to a partner and kids is a place where closeness and intimacy is built through hard work and commitment. If the focus is imbalanced, and work is all consuming, it can put the dynamics at home off-kilter.

Silicon Valley Couples Counseling

That’s where couples counseling comes in. Sustaining a loving and intimate relationship despite the pressures and intricacies of Silicon Valley work culture calls for effort, yes, and sometimes a professional can help fill in the blanks where you find yourself at a loss.

With the help of Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, you can learn how to reconnect with your partner, and develop constructive communication to make it easier to meet each other’s needs effectively. Through mutual respect and recalibrating priorities, both partners can learn how to address the issues prevalent in the relationship and enhance intimacy as an end result.

Azizeh E. Rezaiyan is a licensed therapist who can help individuals and couples acquire the mental and emotional assistance they need to maintain a healthy relationship.

With twenty years of experience as a counselor, her expertise is one that you can rely on. Well-versed in the intricacies of relationships and the struggles that come with it, she canguide partners to the right solutions.

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