Menlo Park

Counseling and Therapy Services in Menlo Park

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling is offering outpatient counseling and therapy services to the residents of Menlo Park. Mental health counseling services at Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling caters to those dealing with anxiety, male depression, infidelity, marriage problems, and other premarital issues.

My name is Azizeh, and I’m a Farsi-speaking therapist. I’ve been working with couples, families, and individuals for over two decades now. I specialize in Marriage and Family Therapy, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

At Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, we aim to provide people with a safe and healthy environment where people in Menlo Park can seek counseling. People can seek help from a therapist or counselor for many reasons, including:

  • Lack of emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy in a romantic relationship
  • Difficulty opening up and communicating with their partner
  • Destructive communication and unhealthy habits that destroy a marriage
  • Absence of sexual and/or emotional closeness
  • Fixing a broken relationship after infidelity
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Unable to work out the differences
  • Loss of pleasure and joy in things or situations

Marriage Counseling in Menlo Park

Marriage counseling can help you and your partner address all your marital concerns. Counseling will allow you to take time out for each other and focus on the relationship. With the help of a therapist facilitating communication, you and your spouse can sort out the things going wrong.

Infidelity Counseling in Menlo Park

Infidelity is harmful. It affects the mental health of the person once they’re betrayed, and it destroys the relationship. Having a partner who is unfaithful to you can lead to adverse emotional consequences, including depression, lower self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts.

With infidelity counseling in Menlo Park, partners can seek to resolve their feelings. They can either focus on fixing their relationship as a unit, or the person who has been affected by infidelity can seek help with letting go, forgiving their partner, and moving on. A lot of negative feelings are associated with infidelity, and a therapist can guide you on how to handle those feelings.

Therapy for Anxiety in Menlo Park

We will use a direct approach to help you find ways to deal with your anxiety. Often, anxiety can lead to other harmful behaviors, and it is deeply influenced by our daily communication or interaction with people. We can work on separating your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations so you can take control of everything and work on becoming better.

At Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, you can consult me for 20 minutes, free of cost. The session will help determine whether you need couples therapy, anxiety therapy, or couples counseling. I’m also a premarital therapist and provide counseling to same-sex partners.