Counseling and Relationship help in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is the birthplace of the video game industry and one of the most high-tech areas of Silicon Valley. Video gaming might be a time well spent, according to some, as they feel it reduces their symptoms of depression and anxiety. But for how long? Some people claim it helps emotional regulation; however, this will create a dependency that might send you spiraling. More males than females play video games and, as such, use it as a way of coping.

Male depression treatment in Sunnyvale or anywhere else, really, despite the importance of therapy being made quite clear to the masses. Due to our society and the constant push of being tough and pushing their emotions down, men are afflicted with depression with no way of asking for help. There is no shame in asking for assistance. Instead, it can reduce depression symptoms and improve your life. If you need help, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan is here.

I am an English and Farsi-speaking therapist with decades of experience helping people with various issues such as depression, anxiety, infidelity, and more.

Therapy for Anxiety in Sunnyvale Easier Than Ever

Anxiety is just as big of a problem as depression is. Millions of people deal with it every day, and it affects their lives in more than just one way:

  • It can cause digestive problems by making you either lose your appetite or send you into a binge eating spiral.
  • Anxiety significantly increases your stress levels.
  • In anxiety disorder, the sympathetic nervous system works in overdrive. This makes your fight or flight system active all the time. This can cause neurological problems.
  • When you’re stressed out due to anxiety, your heart rate and blood pressure spike, which can cause cardiovascular problems.

Admitting you have anxiety that it may be negatively impacting your life isn’t easy for many; after all, it’s as if you were admitting a weakness. However, you need to get that thought out of your head and seek help so you can prevent it from controlling your life. We’ve made getting help easier than ever with a free 20-minute phone call. Take the first step to getting rid of anxiety.

Helping People One Step at a Time for Decades

Counseling has helped people improve the quality of their life and come back to who they were and wanted to be with consistent sessions. There’s no rush in healing, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. I, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, have been helping people for more than 25 years with online counseling treating, infidelity therapy, male depression therapy, premarital counseling, anxiety, and couple’s therapy in Sunnyvale. Call today to set up an appointment!