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4 Important Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

A relationship is a rollercoaster ride; the moment you feel you know your partner perfectly, they’ll surprise you with a new trait or quirk. That being said, if you’re taking this relationship to the next level by getting married, you should lay out some ground rules to make it work. Here’s a list of questions to ask your partner before saying, “I do.”

What Are Your Financial Goals?

Whether your partner is your high-school sweetheart or someone you met a few months ago, it’s important to talk about money. Studies show that money is a leading cause of stress in relationships, so it’s essential to stay on the same page. Ask your partner about their current and future financial goals. Are their spending habits similar to yours, or do they go all out while shopping?

Keep a calm and relaxed tone to avoid any heated arguments and ask questions as a couple like “How will we share our expenses?”, “Do we have any long-term financial goal?”, “Should we merge our accounts?” Be open to discussions, and encourage your partner to ask questions as well.

How Do you Handle Stress?

 Marriage isn’t always a bed of roses; you’ll experience different sides of your partner’s personality that they may not have showed before. Sometimes work pressure, family worries, or relationship stress can affect their mood or behavior toward you. Ask your partner about what they do to handle stress. Do they get angry and start hitting a punching bag? Do they need space or do they need cheering and motivation?

Both partners need to have a healthy outlet for their frustration as this can build up to greater problems in the future. Try different stress-busting techniques as a couple to see which one works out best for you.

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Do You Want to Have Kids Soon?

May be you want to have a child, but your partner isn’t fond of children. This matter should be openly discussed and clarified before getting married. If your partner wants to have children, ask them how many. If not, why so? Talk about other problems like infertility and whether adoption would be a good choice. These topics might seem challenging to talk about at first but focus on finding a solution rather than dwelling on the problems.

What Do You Expect from Me and This Relationship?

Ask your partner about where they see this relationship going? Do you plan to move to another country or city? Do they expect you to handle all the finances? Do they expect you to manage the house? These questions are important for both sides so that you both know what to expect and there are no unnecessary conflicts in the future. 

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