The Connection between Childhood Experiences and Adult Depression

As professional psychologists, we come across people suffering from some form of depression and/or anxiety on a routine basis. Whether it’s about relationship issues or problems at the workplace – the underlying cause in most cases of adult depression are connected with some form of adversity the patient faced in their childhood. When we talk to people involved in substance abuse, addicted to alcohol, or struggling with low self-esteem in adulthood, one thing is usually … Continue Reading

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Recovering from Holiday Preparation and Family Visits: Lessons for the New Year

As January closes and life returns to normal, you may find yourself reflecting on this past holiday season. With errands to run, presents to buy, parties to attend, homes to decorate, and food to prepare, your November and December were likely filled with the typical hustle and bustle that accompany the end of each year. If your family is like many others, the additional stress of visiting loved ones during the holidays can add strain … Continue Reading

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3 Ways to Make the Honeymoon Last…or Recapture the Honeymoon!

Marriage guidance, advice, and relationship tips from expert marriage therapist Azizeh Rezaiyan Over time, it’s natural for the excitement of a new relationship to wear off. Feeling disillusioned is one of the most common marriage problems. The great news is you can perform a little marriage self-help and turn things around with a few expert relationship techniques. While a more mature love is a good thing, you can consciously keep elements of that “new” feeling … Continue Reading