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Rebuilding Your Marriage: 5 Things You Should Do While Separated

No person goes into a marriage thinking they will end up divorced or on its brink. According to research by Ohio State University, 80% of couples who decide to separate end up divorced. However, it doesn’t have to be the end. There are still ways to save your marriage and make it harmonious as you expected it to be when you got married. There are some things you can do while separated that’ll help. 1. Stay […]

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4 Reasons You May Need Marriage Counseling

There are many reasons why a married couple may need marriage counseling. For a healthy marriage with tangible and emotional benefits, sometimes seeking professional help can be necessary. According to research, couples therapy can improve marriages and relationships. It helps couples maintain their relationship for a longer period and helps them restore their relationship after certain hardships. Here are some reasons why you might need marriage counseling.

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Living with a Sex Addict: A Guide

Sex addiction is a serious issue that can ruin years of love and trust. As you begin to deal with your partner’s addiction, there might be several questions in your mind. Here’s how you can move toward healing and recovery together.