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Is Love Enough?

In any good enough relationship, expectations are always high on the way people expect to be treated. Even in relationships where two people care for each other dearly, you might still find the need to worry about whether or not it is enough to make the relationship last. Finding answers requires quite a bit of self-searching and some Silicon Valley relationship counseling. However, there are some science-backed ways of improving one’s relationship. In order to answer … Continue Reading

Problems Interracial Couples Face

Interracial Couples Therapy: The Journey of Navigating Love

In Menlo Park, California, a community known for its cultural diversity, the evolving landscape of relationships reflects this richness, with interracial couples increasingly symbolizing our culturally diverse society. The Pew Research Center’s data underscores this trend, revealing that more than one in ten married Millennials are in interracial marriages, indicating a significant shift towards greater diversity and inclusivity within households. However, these interracial couples often encounter complex challenges unique to their diverse blend of cultures, … Continue Reading

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How Important is Sex in a Relationship? Ask an Expert!

While it’s true that you can’t compare someone else’s sex life with yours, sex is essential for any romantic relationship. Couples who have sex more often are in a much happier relationship, but according to a study, sex once a week is also enough. So, what is the truth? More sex or once a week? How important is sex for a healthy, long-lasting relationship? Let’s look at what a sex therapist in Palo Alto, who … Continue Reading

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Six Ways to Overcome Sex Addiction

An example of sex addiction is when a person is compelled to participate in sex, despite the potential for negative repercussions. In addition, it is a behavior that is emotionally draining rather than gratifying. Its effects on personal relationships and overall health are real. These people typically turn to sex to alleviate their symptoms.

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The Intimacy of Being Understood – How to Achieve it

Intimacy in any relationship is the feeling of being emotionally linked and supported. What this implies for us as human beings is that we can express ourselves in various ways. It necessitates being open and honest about your feelings and ideas, letting down your guard.