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Dual Role: Single Parent and a Business Entrepreneur

Parenting is hard, and it becomes more challenging when you’re a single parent. The struggle of raising your child on your own is real, and you may find it difficult to run a business successfully while doing that. Your business may be a dream come true for you, and while you try to keep it alive, being a parent brings along a lot of challenges. To play the dual role with higher productivity and efficiency, … Continue Reading

Family dinner with in-laws.

Your Guide to Living with the In-Laws

When you marry your spouse, you also get introduced to a new family. And while everyone hopes to get along well with their in-laws, conflicts every now and then are also expected!

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Couples in Conflict – Why Your Communication Skills May Be a Problem

As naturally unrestrained creatures, we humans need efficient communication like a plant needs water. When we’re unable to break that barrier, we become frustrated, depressed and angry. What should be done to solve this issue? Confronting the Cause of Poor Communication According to a survey, poor communication is the number one reason why most couples split up. But it should be noted that in these cases, poor communication isn’t just about stonewalling the other person. … Continue Reading