Your Grief is Valid

Your Grief is Valid—Processing Change in COVID-19

Grief doesn’t have a particular face or form. It affects us in different ways, showing up sometimes like a two-headed monster, or a silent and all-consuming sadness, or as an angry and bitter soul. It’s hard to recognize and identity and sometimes catches us unawares.

Sometimes it’s caused by obvious causes and losses; other times, things are not that straightforward or evident. Sometimes it’s easy to identify, but other times it’s impossible to recognize.

Grief can look one way for you and another for someone you hold dear. It’s a collective yet individual process. There’s a lot to understand about grief, and grieving during the COVID-19 crisis is very real.


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COVID-19 – Coping With Self-Isolation

The coronavirus has got a lot of us locked in self-isolation as a protective measure against the spread. Unfortunately, self isolation and the accompanying lack of social interaction has got many of us feeling lonely in this challenging time.


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How To Cope With Divorce

When it comes to dealing with a life altering event, such as a divorce, it can become very challenging to manage your emotions in a healthy manner.


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3 Tips to Reignite Your Sex Life and Intimacy While At Home

Sex is a three-letter word that everyone has a different reaction to. Some people love the thought of it no matter what the time or place; others are repulsed by it for various reasons. More people still are indifferent; some aren’t getting enough while others have no idea about it beyond the basics, treating it as an act of procreation.

If you’re among the hundreds of thousands of couples whose sex life has taken a backseat, or doesn’t feel as fiery and passionate as it did when you first started out, there’s nothing wrong with you—or your relationship.


Working from Home with a Partner Made Simple

One of the major precautions taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is to limit large gatherings of people. Hence, several companies have taken steps to have their employees work from home.

For people who live with their partners, this may seem less than ideal. The time we spend at work is quite different from the ways we choose to spend our time personally. Mixing the two can stir up tensions and cause rifts in your relationship.

That said, there are ways that you can work home with your partner without losing your mind. Here’s what you need to do.


Overcoming Feelings of Jealousy in a Relationship

Everyone feels jealous from time to time. It is a perfectly normal human emotion. If you’re in an intimate relationship with someone, feelings of jealousy are almost inevitable, especially if you feel very strongly about your significant other. That said, jealously can become problematic if it becomes more intense and frequent; if you let it overwhelm and overpower you. It will negatively affect your wellbeing and the health of your relationship.

This is why, learning to deal and manage feelings of jealousy is crucial to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Here’s how you can go about it.


Unburdening Yourself: How to Talk about Trauma with a Spouse

The trauma you experience can have a profound impact on your life. Almost 70 percent of American adults claim they’ve experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives. Take a moment to think about it—that’s over 200 million people who are constantly navigating their lives through the lens of their traumatic past.

Trauma can stem from various lifetime experiences; they may be one-time incidents or repetitive events that lasted a long time. Either way, the insidious impact of trauma can hover over you for the rest of life, and you may not even realize it.


Coronavirus: Coping with Self-Isolation

The coronavirus pandemic has got a lot of us locked in our homes and rightfully so. Self-isolation and social distancing are some of the primary protective measures required to stop the transmission of the virus and flatten the curve. Unfortunately, self-isolation and the accompanying lack of social interaction has got many of us feeling lonely in this challenging time.

If you’re finding yourself feeling anxious, lonely, or simply bored in quarantine, here’s how you can cope and get through it.