male depression

Why Men Don’t Ask for Help with Male Depression

Men find it more difficult to explain how they feel, and it’s a reason why male depression goes unreported. Unfortunately, male mental health is often deliberately overlooked due to cultural norms. There’s enough evidence to support the claim that men face mental illnesses just as much as other genders do. There’s no significant difference in the rate of depression in men and women.

Depression During The Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s well-documented that natural disasters, wars and other mass traumas can lead to significant increases in population-wide psychological distress. Weeks or months of anxiety, fear, sadness and social isolation during the pandemic can also take their toll.

How Depression Affects Men

Whether it’s conforming with societal norms, or trying to fit into the manly stereotype, men aren’t that in touch with their emotions. 9% of men in the US experience anxiety and feelings of depression every day. This is how depression affects most men: