Male depression affects how men feel, think, and act

Severe Male Depression and Nightmares: Is There a Connect?

Depression isn’t just a string of troubling emotions (such as loneliness or sadness); it’s often accompanied by permanent changes in the brain as well. Patients diagnosed with a major depressive disorder are reported to dream thrice as many times as people who aren’t. Constant dreaming also disrupts sleeping patterns, causing depressed people to feel fatigued. In addition, the changing sleep patterns frequently result in nightmares.

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Shame, Grandiosity and Male Depression

Figures reported show that the prevalence of depression in women is twice as much as that in men. This is a major reason why male depression is often much less talked about. Do men not face depression at all? They do; they just hide it. Depression in men is covert. While women would weep and openly express helplessness, men are conditioned differently. In most societies around the world, men are raised to meet the parameters … Continue Reading

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Male Depression in Marital Relationship

Depression may not as often be diagnosed in men as in women, but that does not mean they don’t go through it. Depression in men is almost as common as it is in women. The only difference is that women readily accept their condition and reach out for help – men don’t – and majority of the times men don’t even realize they’re depressed. However, they do show signs and these “signs” dramatically impact their … Continue Reading


The Connection between Childhood Experiences and Adult Depression

As professional psychologists, we come across people suffering from some form of depression and/or anxiety on a routine basis. Whether it’s about relationship issues or problems at the workplace – the underlying cause in most cases of adult depression are connected with some form of adversity the patient faced in their childhood. When we talk to people involved in substance abuse, addicted to alcohol, or struggling with low self-esteem in adulthood, one thing is usually … Continue Reading

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Depression and the Absence of Intimacy

Depression is not confined to the mind alone. It affects every single aspect of your lives. Prolonged depression takes its toll on your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. This sometimes leads to problems in personal relationships and the one that takes the worse hit is your relationship with your partner/spouse. Depression can cause a perfectly healthy relationship between partners to go sour. This only adds further trouble in the lives of people going through a … Continue Reading