Couples in Conflict – Why Your Communication Skills May Be a Problem

As naturally unrestrained creatures, we humans need efficient communication like a plant needs water. When we’re unable to break that barrier, we become frustrated, depressed and angry. What should be done to solve this issue? Confronting the Cause of Poor Communication According to a survey, poor communication is the number one reason why most couples […]

The Connection between Childhood Experiences and Adult Depression

As professional psychologists, we come across people suffering from some form of depression and/or anxiety on a routine basis. Whether it’s about relationship issues or problems at the workplace – the underlying cause in most cases of adult depression are connected with some form of adversity the patient faced in their childhood. When we talk […]

Depression and the Absence of Intimacy

Depression is not confined to the mind alone. It affects every single aspect of your lives. Prolonged depression takes its toll on your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. This sometimes leads to problems in personal relationships and the one that takes the worse hit is your relationship with your partner/spouse. Depression can cause a perfectly […]

How Does Early Parenting Affect Your Child’s Future?

The early years of a child’s life can play a crucial role in determining the quality of life that will exist in their future. If you are a new or expecting parent, it may seem overwhelming to consider the repercussions your parental actions may have on the remainder of your child’s life. While you may […]

3 Ways to Make the Honeymoon Last…or Recapture the Honeymoon!

Marriage guidance, advice, and relationship tips from expert marriage therapist Azizeh Rezaiyan Over time, it’s natural for the excitement of a new relationship to wear off. Feeling disillusioned is one of the most common marriage problems. The great news is you can perform a little marriage self-help and turn things around with a few expert […]

Relationship Advice for Men – The 5 Best Simple Things Men Can Do to Build Partnership and Intimacy in Marriage

Marriage guidance, advice, and relationship tips from expert marriage therapist Azizeh Rezaiyan Most of us never received any solid marriage guidance before tying the knot. Instead, we picked up what our parents modeled for us, the good and the bad. Our spouse may have had a completely different model! This can make for some tough […]