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Signs You Could be a Sex Addict

Sexually expressive people are usually seen as more confident and happier. However, that’s not always the case. Although expressive people can have better relationships, the issue arises when they can no longer control their urges. Sexual addiction can have dire consequences, just like drug addiction can. Here are some signs that can help you recognize if you’re suffering from it.

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3 Conversations You Must Have Before Marriage

Getting married soon and premarital counseling is the last thing on your mind? We’ll advise you to touch upon some critical issues before making things official with your partner.  It’s better not to head down the aisle until you have discussed issues such as finances, kids, career, religion, and other essential aspects. Here we’ve discussed some crucial conversations that you must have with your spouse-to-be.

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Share If You Care: How Can a Counselor Help Your Marriage

Marriage counseling is a relatively new concept. It was introduced in Germany in the mid-twentieth century. It wasn’t as advanced as it is today, but it all began with Paul Popenoe’s column, The Man Who Saves Marriages. Today, marriage counseling is an established field of study in the US and abroad. According to recent statistics, the total revenue generated by psychologists, social workers, and marriage counselors was estimated to be 11 billion US dollars. The figures … Continue Reading