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A List of Lifestyle Changes to Manage Your Anxiety

“I was not taking joy in the things I once took joy in”, “My anxiety flares up when I have to come out of my comfort zone”, “I used to cry every single day”. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (AADA) provides a platform for sufferers of anxiety and depression to share their stories with the world. The above-mentioned accounts are first-hand experiences of anxiety sufferers posted on the website. Medical experts define anxiety to be […]

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Reasons Why Your Long-Distance Relationship Isn’t Working

Long-distance relationships are difficult to manage. Different time zones and work-life balance make it hectic to keep pace in long-distance relationships. Research estimates that texting and calling have made long-distance relationships more bearable over time, but a lack of intimacy often affects the quality of these relationships.

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Pre-Marital Counseling: Potential Conflicts You Can Expect to Discuss

Pre-marital counseling is a type of couple therapy that is proven effective for a long-term commitment like marriage. It involves seeking professional help to uncover and address a potential issue that can arise during the relationship. According to a survey, couples who received counseling and pre-marital education before their marriage reported a 30% stronger marriage bond than other couples. Although it may be uncomfortable, pre-marital counseling is crucial to understand and acknowledge your partner’s concerns, […]

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Cross-Cultural Marriages: 4 Things to Consider Beforehand

Marrying an individual from a different cultural background sounds exciting. It allows you to be open, accepting, and learn new values and belief systems. However, dating someone from another culture and marrying them are two separate things. A successful cross-cultural marriage is only possible if both partners are willing to communicate and find common ground in different situations. Due to different upbringing and surroundings, cross-cultural couples may find themselves disagreeing on important things, like parenting, […]