A same-sex couple embracing

Gay Couples Therapy: Avoiding Same-Sex Divorce

Although some states may have legalized same-sex marriage, heterosexual norms and traditions still govern society at large. Therefore, navigating through life as a same-sex couple can be challenging. Many same-sex couples struggle significantly more than their heterosexual counterparts because there are insufficient support systems around them. Institutions like family, law, and religion provide more comprehensive support to heterosexual couples than same-sex couples. Issues in Same-Sex Couplings Numerous issues arise in same-sex marriages that can cause […]

Attachment Styles Explained

To understand our attachement issues, we first need to understand our style of attachment. Some people have a single attachment style, whereas some people have different styles mixed up. Below we’ve explained the two main attachment styles:

A cross-cultural couple showing their wedding bands

I Do: How to Make a Cross-Cultural Marriage Work

Cross-cultural marriages may be on the rise, but they come with challenges. Many people fail to comprehend how external stressors can arise when cultural clashes occur in a cross-cultural marriage.