From Wedding Vows to Wedding Woes

From Wedding Vows to Wedding Woes: What Went Wrong?

The average cost of an American wedding is $35,329, as reported by CNN. However, it takes a lot more than the perfect décor and three-course menus to make a marriage work. Couples often find themselves feeling discontent and unhappy a short while after getting married. Here are three things that tend to negatively affect your […]

Why Do You Need Premarital Counseling?

Why Do You Need Premarital Counseling?

The divorce rate may have dropped in the last couple of years, but this isn’t necessarily a sign of healthy marriages. Research has shown that a reduced divorce rate is attributed to couples delaying getting married till they’re older, or at all.  One reason for this is because couples often feel their beliefs and understanding of […]

Growing Old Together

Growing Old Together: How to Keep the Spark Alive After Several Years of Marriage

Growing old with the person you love is a beautiful experience. However, things can go south if you start neglecting your marriage as the years pass on by. Romance and intimacy—both physical and emotional—is important at every stage to make your relationship a happy one. How can you keep that spark ignited several years later? […]

Is Your Anxiety Getting Worse? 3 Signs to Watch Out For

Is Your Anxiety Getting Worse? 3 Signs to Watch Out For

As many as 40 million adults are affected by severe anxiety disorders, of which only 36.9% receive treatment. If left untreated, the symptoms can deteriorate and lead to several health issues. How can you tell if your symptoms are getting worse? Here are three indicators you should be aware of. Please follow and like us:

Dissatisfying Sex Life Is Taking a Toll on Your Marriage

How Your Dissatisfying Sex Life Is Taking a Toll on Your Marriage

There are many ingredients that go into making the perfect marriage. An ideal healthy marriage should have: open communication, trust, emotional intimacy, and physical attraction, and intimacy. Couples often use sex as a means to not think about underlying problems. Having too much sex—especially when you’re using it as a tool ignore other problems—is not […]

Deciding to Stay

Deciding to Stay: Rebuilding Trust and Intimacy After An Affair

An affair can wreck everything your relationship stood for. You may find yourself grasping at anything to hold it together, but the rage, jealousy, and heartbreak that follow the unfaithfulness of a partner can sometimes be irreparable. The APA cites that 42 percent of divorced individuals report having had more than one affair, making it a […]