Tips To Move On From A Cheating Partner ft

Tips To Move On From A Cheating Partner

Overanalyzing your own actions, or those of your partner’s, will only have you stuck in a cycle of passing on the blame for the failure of the relationship.

Helping Your Kids Make Sense Of Divorce ft

Helping Your Kids Make Sense Of Divorce

Kids often fear that a divorce means that one parent will be removed from their lives. Tell your kids the arrangement you’ve worked out and make sure they understand that no one parent is being taken away from them.

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What Emotional Unavailability Signals in Your Relationship

Relationships with emotionally unavailable partners can be extremely draining and unhealthy in the long run. Their emotional distance—and its signs absence, criticism, anger—may cause you to feel terribly withdrawn, isolated, rejected, and unimportant. Here’s what emotional unavailability signals in your relationship.

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How to Deal with an Emotionally Distant Spouse

Many of us have unfortunately experienced the uncomfortable fizzling out of a relationship. Dates where neither of you know what to say anymore, anniversaries that are simply a date on a calendar. But sometimes, the problem is more than simply a marriage losing its spark. Sometimes, one of you genuinely tries to connect with your […]

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How To Maintain Friendships in a Marriage

Many couples find their friendships taking a backseat after marriage. While that’s perfectly normal, it’s still important to maintain them because they have a profound effect on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In fact, according to a study, the effect of friendships on health, happiness, and longevity is even more pronounced than that of […]

The Importance of Friendships in a Marriage

The Importance of Friendships in a Marriage

For many people, the word relationship has become a byword for two people who are romantically and sexually involved with each other. This however, presents a very narrow view of the range of important connections human beings need to sustain healthy lives. Friendships, for instance, are some of the most important relationships you will make […]

Taking On a Dual Role As a Single Parent

Taking On a Dual Role As a Single Parent

Being a single parent is anything but easy. Depending on what the divorce settlement says, most of the responsibility usually falls on the parent who has custody. This parent has the tough job of being both a mother and father to their kids. Parenting is stressful and it becomes exponentially harder for those who are […]

Raising a Child in an Interfaith Marriage

Raising a Child in an Interfaith Marriage

Deciding where to spend the holidays and what school to send your kids are things all families deal with. Now if you add the complexity of interfaith marriage in the mix, things get a lot more complicated. Making decisions about how to raise your kids become incredibly complex when both parents have different faiths or […]

Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems You’ll Face in Cross-Cultural Marriages

So you thought love will conquer all and your marriage will be a piece of cake? You couldn’t be more wrong. Marriage is always tough; it’s a combination of a lot of compromises—and some sacrifice too. Cross-cultural marriages are a lot harder than conventional marriages. Couples often don’t realize the influence cultural background has on their […]