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Coping with Intimacy Issues: What You Need to Know?

Intimacy issues are widely prevalent amongst millennial couples and the new age relationship problem of the era. Relationship patterns amongst the youth are changing, and a steady decline in the desire to get married reveals that youngsters are not inclined towards long-term, monogamous relationships.

However, another reason people cannot sustain long-term relationships or find life-long partners for themselves is that they have a deep-seated fear of intimacy.

Intimacy is crucial to creating a special bond with someone, and it requires vulnerability and a desire to be open with a friend. It’s not exclusive to romantic relationships and is essential for close friendships to sustain, and even in relationships we foster with immediate family members.

Here are the common types of intimacy you should know.

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Experiential intimacy

This kind of intimacy is created when people bond with each other during a leisurely activity. People’s actions may align, and they may also experience working in unison. For example, working with someone on a project, you’re deeply passionate about or building something together.

Intellectual intimacy

This kind of intimacy is for people who love to have in-depth, intellectual discussions and feel like they have a safe space to do so. When you feel like you can share your ideas and opinions with someone quickly, even if you might not see eye-to-eye with them.

Emotional intimacy

This kind of intimacy is difficult to work on for several people. This is when you feel safe enough to confide in someone and share your feelings regarding your insecurities and vulnerabilities.

Sexual intimacy

When most people talk about intimacy, they presume it’s referred to as pillow talk and physical relationships with someone. Although sexual intimacy refers to the bond with someone you engage with sexually, there is not all intimacy.

Why do we struggle with intimacy?

When you start in a romantic relationship, you have certain expectations, and almost everyone has some baggage from the past. Both of these things need to be communicated fervently and frequently throughout the relationship.

When we struggle to communicate and open up to our partner about these things, we cannot form a deep, intimate bond. This causes people to drift apart, even though they may feel very deeply for their partner. Part of being intimate with someone is to be comfortable expressing yourself.

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