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How Important is Sex in a Relationship? Ask an Expert!

While it’s true that you can’t compare someone else’s sex life with yours, sex is essential for any romantic relationship. Couples who have sex more often are in a much happier relationship, but according to a study, sex once a week is also enough.

So, what is the truth? More sex or once a week? How important is sex for a healthy, long-lasting relationship? Let’s look at what a sex therapist in Palo Alto, who also provides couples therapy and marriage counseling, has to say.

Importance of Sex

Well, it turns out that sex is pretty important. There are various benefits of having sex regularly with your partner. It leads to better sexual understanding, stronger bonds, better sleep, and stress relief for both of you.

When couples stop having regular sex in the later stages of their relationship, it’s important to make sure you don’t completely stop having sex. When this happens, it could be due to busy schedules, reduced sex drive, feeling emotionally distant, lack of intimacy or understanding, or dropped hormone levels.

However, open communication with your partner can make things better. You have to make an effort to improve your relationship with your partner, and this includes addressing all the sex concerns.

No research talks about the frequency of sex for a happy relationship. Having sex once a day wouldn’t lead to a happy relationship, nor will having sex once a week. It will all depend on you and your partner and what satisfies you both.

A man and a woman

Talking About Your Needs

Having sex more often is not the key. The key is to feel satisfied with your partner. If you haven’t already, you should talk to your partner about your sexual needs. All good couples can have communication gaps when it comes to talking about sex because it’s a sensitive topic.

However, if your partner loves you and wants to make you happy, they will allow you to be vulnerable and have this conversation with you. Whether you want to increase the amount of sex or the quality of sex, talking about it will allow you to be more honest and open.

Schedule It

It’s understandable to be busy and tired when you both have full-time jobs. The best way to make sure you’re having sex often is to schedule it. When you start scheduling it, you will feel excited at the thought of having sex, and this anticipation might help in making sex more fun and enjoyable.

Get Creative

When you have run out of things to do in the bedroom, get more creative. You can look for inspiration on the internet and make sure both of you are okay with what you choose. Even if it doesn’t pan out the same way, it’s important to try and keep your sex life exciting.

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