Is Your Anxiety Getting Worse? 3 Signs to Watch Out For

Is Your Anxiety Getting Worse? 3 Signs to Watch Out For

As many as 40 million adults are affected by severe anxiety disorders, of which only 36.9% receive treatment. If left untreated, the symptoms can deteriorate and lead to several health issues.

How can you tell if your symptoms are getting worse? Here are three indicators you should be aware of.

Restlessness & Sleeplessness

Having trouble falling asleep lately? Do you feel restless throughout the day, even if you’ve had plenty of time to relax and unwind? Is the lack of sleep and excessive tiredness becoming way too frequent? It may be a sign of your anxiety getting triggered.

One of the most common symptoms reported by people who’ve been feeling overly anxious lately is of sleeplessness and restlessness. It’s not that they haven’t tried to rest or sleep; they’re just unable to do so for an adequate amount of time. Instead, their mind is boggled with worries and they find themselves getting distracted by the smallest of details. The more they try to clear their head and get some sleep, the more intense the thoughts and emotions tend to get.

If you find yourself staring in the darkness even when your eyelids feel heavy, or spending the night tossing and turning only to find that it’s morning again, it may be because of underlying anxiety.

Deteriorating Physical Health

Your physical health can indicate a worsening of your anxiety symptoms as well. For instance, ragged nails, reduced appetite, sudden hair or weight loss, and a frequently racing heartbeat are all signs that your mental health is in distress. People who tend to pick at their hair, skin, or nails when anxious may notice balding patches on the scalp or the eyebrows, or scarred and inflamed skin.

These are signs that your anxiety is slowly spiraling and needs to be treated. Your physical health is affected by the anxious thoughts racing through your mind. If you notice a striking change in your physical appearance, don’t take it lightly. Consult a therapist at your earliest.

Obsessive & Repetitive Thoughts

Sometimes, when we’re excessively anxious, we tend to think a particular thought on loop. Thinking about a specific topic or thing repeatedly is yet another sign that your anxiety is elevating. It’s causing you to mull over the same thing over and over again, in what appears to be an endless loop.  In fact, you may continue worrying about those things even after you’ve been given reassurance.

Obsessive & Repetitive Thoughts

This is an exhausting process and takes a toll on your mental fatigue. If you find your mind getting swarmed by a single type of thought for several hours to the extent that it mentally drains you, it’s an indication that things are getting out of control.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to visit an anxiety therapist. Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling provides anxiety therapy and counseling services in the Bay Area.

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