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Keeping Stress out of Your Marriage: How Couples Can Live in Bliss without Letting the High-Pressure Environment Affect Them

It’s all too common for couples to be suffering marital disputes because of work-related stress. Work-related stress can often mire a marriage to the brink of divorce!

While you may have heard these stories, avoiding your relationship from suffering the same fate requires extensive communication and boundaries. Couples who’ve been living in Palo Alto for a while learn to balance marriage with a high-pressure work environment. However, newer people moving into the area may not be ready to handle the stress it can bring into their personal lives.

Psychological studies show that work-related stress can often accentuate problems in marriages to the breaking point. Therefore, it’s apparent that work-from-home situation is forcing more pressure on these employees’ marriages and personal lives.

How to Prevent Work Stress from Ruining Your Marital Bliss

Preserving marital bliss can help enrich your professional life. Studies show that marriage woes can affect productivity at work. Similarly, work-related stress impacts your relationship at home, thereby necessitating a healthy work-life balance. You can ensure that work doesn’t affect your life at home by following these measures.

Listen and Support

Couples rely on each other for emotional support.

Active listening can help your marriage significantly, leading to fewer arguments and conflicts. Helping your partner cope with work-related problems entails listening to them vent about their problems and offering support.

Identify and Respect Different Coping Mechanisms

Identifying and respecting your partner’s coping mechanisms ensures you’re free from marital trouble. Your partner may like to actively share their problems, while you prefer some downtime to unwind after a hectic day at work. Recognizing coping mechanisms is the first step to ensure that stress doesn’t get in the way of your marriage.

Avoid Comparisons

Nothing causes more marital problems than comparisons with your spouse in regards to professional success and achievements. Often, a partner overshadowing their spouse’s achievements results in conflict and feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Therefore, it’s essential that you avoid making these comparisons and instead find internal self-motivation.

If you or your partner continue to exude signs of stress-induced anxiety, we recommend going to an anxiety therapist in Palo Alto.

Find Things to Do Together

One of the best ways to prevent work-stress from affecting your marriage is to find activities and hobbies you can enjoy together. Participating in hobbies with your spouse allows you to spend some quality time together while being able to relax and unwind. Performing physical activities such as taking walks together can be especially beneficial as exercise helps reduce the effects of stress and depression while allowing you to enjoy each other’s company.

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Licensed Therapist in Palo Alto

If problems persist due to the pressures of performing in a high-pressure work environment, it may be time for you to seek couples counseling. Couples therapy can help restore peace and bliss in your marriage and help make your relationship stronger.

Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling offers anxiety counseling in Palo Alto. We also provide relationship counseling for same-sex and heterosexual couples.

Contact us today to prevent work-related stress from creeping into your marriage.

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