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Reasons Why Your Long-Distance Relationship Isn’t Working

Long-distance relationships are difficult to manage. Different time zones and work-life balance make it hectic to keep pace in long-distance relationships. Research estimates that texting and calling have made long-distance relationships more bearable over time, but a lack of intimacy often affects the quality of these relationships.

The pandemic also tried many couples forced into long-distance relationships due to complete suspension of air travel. There’s no doubt LDRs take extra effort. Uncertain work-from-home and office arrangements, full and partial lockdowns, and restricted air travel can cause your relationship to suffer.

If you’re looking for someone to discuss the prospects of your long-distance relationship, a certified therapist near you would be the best choice. We offer couples counseling for struggling couples and families. Our facility in Palo Alto, California, is known for its relationship counseling and anxiety therapy.

Let’s look closely at reasons which are making it impossible for you to continue being in long-distance relationships.

There’s Not Enough Time!

The pandemic has made a mess out of work-life balance since most work has shifted home and house chores are gradually delayed. Keeping up with activities that won’t cause direct repercussions is difficult with so much to adjust to.

Your long-distance relationship isn’t working well because you two don’t take out time for each other. Going days without talking only makes you more comfortable with not having anyone to call or talk to directly.

Communication is Superficial

Experts suggest there needs to be quality communication to make long-distance relationships work. Even if couples call each other every day but can’t go beyond gradual updates, there’s a likelihood the relationship will suffer sooner or later.

If you’re a long-distance couple in conflict, your communication may be a problem for you in this situation. It’s a red flag for a long-distance relationship if either of you two has nothing important to share than regular work activities. Emotional connection through communication in long-distance relationships is as important as the relationship itself. A “How was your day?” goes a long way in LDRs.

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Your Priorities have Changed

A promotion at work made you realize you like your work and are willing to go the extra mile to meet monthly targets. It’s here that your relationship takes a backseat because there’s more career ambition at your end than before. A similar situation can happen with your partner too.

Certified Counselors at relationship counseling centers encourage you to admit to a change of feelings if it has happened. A change of priorities can happen any time in life, and the situation needs to be addressed with care and caution.

Experienced therapists can make couples navigate through their relationships. They help in nurturing a bond of mutual trust and respect between partners. Our services at Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling include couple counseling for struggling couples.  Our couple counseling therapists make sure couples learn when their personal defenses are creating additional problems during therapy sessions. To avail our services, contact us at 650 206 9973.

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