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How Severe Manifestation of Childhood Trauma Could Be Affecting Your Adult Relationship

Many people often fail to understand why their long-term relationships didn’t work out. Sometimes childhood trauma has a role to play in a damaged relationship. Read on to learn how childhood trauma influences adult relationships.

Lack of Safety

Childhood trauma can be a result of various circumstances that one may experience as a child. From abuse and harassment to a history of being bullied violently, there are various places where childhood trauma can stem from.

However, this trauma often manifests itself into the lack of safety that most people start to experience in their adult relationships. They tend not to feel secure and well-protected with their partner, even if they trust them.

Increased Insecurity

People with rough childhoods often grow up with poor self-esteem where they continue to question their worth, value, work, ambition, and looks. Despite being able to fall in love and be loved by their significant other, they continue to experience multiple insecurities in the relationship.

Increased insecurity about oneself and your partner can significantly affect the relationship, especially if the other partner doesn’t have the patience and ability to deal with it effectively.

Inability to Be More Expressive

The traumatizing experiences of one’s childhood often prevent them from confiding in someone, including their partner.

As a result, many relationships tend to hit rock bottom when one partner simply can’t find the courage to communicate and express problems.

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It can be a lot more challenging to overcome childhood trauma for some people than others. This ultimately determines the kind of person they are in their romantic relationships. Seeking couples counseling is an excellent way to eliminate problematic patterns and become the best version of yourself for your partner. Are you looking for couples counseling in Palo Alto? Don’t forget to connect with us at Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling to learn how our Farsi-speaking therapist, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, can help out.

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