Find Something to Occupy You

Support and Success: How to Readjust When You have Shifted Home for a Partner’s Job

Oftentimes, relationships require one partner to make certain changes in order to facilitate the growth of the other. One of the biggest such situations is shifting home to facilitate a partner’s profession. The Atlantic published an interesting article online about how numerous couples have backed each other up in situations where one’s professional development required support from the other.

Suffice to say, shifting or moving for a partner’s career is something that can be navigated. You just need to know how!

Readjusting when you have Shifted Home for a Partner’s Career

The most important thing about making such a big change for a partner is you! The better you adjust, the easier it will be for you to provide your partner with the backing and support they need to thrive.

Here are a few things you need to do in order to get your feet on the ground.

Find Something to Occupy You

Find Something to Occupy You

Your partner has moved in order to further their career which means that there will likely be enough keeping them occupied. You’re going to need to know what you’re going to be doing when your partner is busy at work. Do you have some kind of online business you can simply continue with? Do you have kids or a home you want to focus on looking after? Do you need to get out and look for employment?

Moving to an unfamiliar place and having little to do can be a bad combination so the first thing you want to do is find something to occupy yourself.

Familiarize Yourself

Another thing that is extremely helpful is getting to know your new environment. Feeling of unfamiliarity are no help and the more comfortable you are with the place you have moved to the better.

Look around your neighborhood, find out where people go to shop, to eat, to sight see and to socialize. Make friends with your neighbors and see if you can find a little niche for yourself spatially and socially. It really helps to have your own connection to the place you have moved.

Join a Gym/Class

Join a Gym/Class

Human interaction is important and if you’re not getting enough, you’re bound to have trouble adjusting. Another thing that is important is exercise! Join a gym, a yoga group or a kick boxing class! Not only will you pump the endorphins your need to feel good, the same will offer you the chance to partake in healthy social interactions.

This way, you will have both activities and people to look forward to even on the days that your partner may be busy.

Ask Your Partner for Time

It is important to be vocal and communicative with your partner if you feel things are getting to you. Though it is also important to understand that they too are stressed, asking them to spend time where the two of you talk and connect is important.

Don’t shy away from this. Ask nicely and chances are they will come through!

Seek Therapy

Sometimes readjustment can be touch. You might move to a place only to realize that you feel stuck, suffocated or even overwhelmed. You might have trouble readjusting, getting to know people or simply finding your feet.

In some instances, your relationship too might buckle under the strain if there is resentment. In any case, it really helps to seek therapy during the process of readjustment. A therapist can help you process the change and find ways to navigate your readjustment in the healthiest possible manner.

A therapist can also offer the needed emotional support on your bad days which is why having a professional in your corner is never a bad idea,especially during a period of change!

The Upshot

Any change can be hard to navigate and making a move to support a partner’s work or career is a big one! Still, if you take care of yourself, everything will be alright!

Feel free to connect with us if you’ve recently moved to Palo Alto and are looking for a therapist who specializes in couple therapy, marriage counselling, anxiety and depression among other things. In any case, look after yourself!

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