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What is Infidelity Therapy?

Infidelity, or being unfaithful, is commonly regarded as the greatest tragedy that could occur in any relationship. In most cases, infidelity results in severe trauma and often causes a fallout among couples.

In medieval times, infidelity was considered a problem but wasn’t taken seriously due to a non-romantic form of pleasure. However, as time passed and nations progressed, the concept of cheating and having exclusive partners meant infidelity was seen as a demeaning act.

Recent studies suggest around 40% of unmarried relationships and 25% of married relationships now witness at least one incident of infidelity. In some states, infidelity is a crime that’s punishable by law.

In Wisconsin, infidelity is regarded as a class one felony.

Some form of cheating is the leading cause in half of all divorces, making it clear that couples need infidelity therapy.

What is Infidelity Therapy?

Infidelity could have one partner often feeling alone, deceived, betrayed, angry, helpless, and hopeless with their unfaithful partner and the entire situation.

Infidelity therapy is like any other therapy, except it aims to solve the groundbreaking issues in a relationship that led to one partner being unfaithful to the other. The therapist would ask questions to get to the root of the problem, which led to one partner being unfaithful.

If there are multiple episodes of infidelity, a relationship’s chances of leading to a separation or divorce increase drastically. The very foundation of a healthy relationship is built on trust and transparency, where both partners must be committed to it.

Suppose you’ve confronted your partner regarding their illicit affair and want to work things out. In that case, infidelity therapy can help you narrow down the underlying issue that you have long been ignoring. In most cases, infidelity therapy results in happier marriages, while in some, they lead to a dead-end.

Why Do Couples Cheat?

Some studies suggest that couples who cheat on their partners often lack self-esteem, love, and commitment.

These individuals also need variety or have unusual sexual desire toward the other. In some cases, the situation and circumstance are also primitive reasons.

It’s worth mentioning that not all cases of infidelity occur as a result of being unhappy with the relationship. There’s more to why an individual cheats on their partner, such as drug addiction, sex addiction, or looking for a change.

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Can You Save the Relationship?

While there’s no guarantee whether infidelity therapy is there to save a relationship, the fact that a couple opts for infidelity therapy indicates they want to make it work.

In short, yes, the relationship can be saved. However, it might involve serious resentment and utmost commitment to never engage in the act ever again for the partner to forgive and move on truly.

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