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3 Marriage Goals For Couples to Set This Year

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that pandemics are rough; not just on your immune system but also on your relationships. The abrupt shift in routines and subsequent lockdowns strained many relationships, leading to some lasting side effects.

However, with the new year comes the promise of a new approach. And while you head into 2021 with personal goals for growth, make sure to add these relationship strengthening plans to safeguard your marriage!

Rekindle Your Romance

Sometimes, it’s difficult to remember how good things were before your relationship hit a rough patch. But it’s essential to take a look back at all the things you enjoyed with your partner and try to reintroduce them into your relationship.

Did you guys have a dedicated movie night? A favorite restaurant? A hobby that was shared? Over the years, the focus on such things may disappear, but with some effort, you can bring them back and bond over your mutual love for things that brought you closer in the beginning.

This is especially useful if you’re finding it difficult to have a casual conversation that doesn’t escalate into an argument.

Make Time For Intimacy

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Bringing intimacy back into your relationship is not a one-day job. It will require consistent effort and attention from both partners before it becomes a part of your daily routine.

Multiple factors influence sexual intimacy, and it’s only when you have a candid conversation with your partner that it can be explored in depth. If you find the conversation difficult to pursue on your own, then visiting a professional can help you have the much-needed conversation with no awkwardness!

Learn Your Love Languages

Did you know that people have five core love languages? They dictate how you prefer to express your love and have it expressed towards you as well. This year, it might be time to understand your partner’s love language.

Understanding how your partner wants to be loved and making a conscious effort to give them that attention can strengthen your relationship and rekindle any missing romance in your marriage. However, if you or your partner find it difficult to navigate these conversations, you can always take up marriage counseling sessions.

Marriage counseling is not only for severe cases. In fact, early counseling can help couples avoid getting into larger, more severe marital conflicts. If you would like to opt for couples marriage counseling therapy in Palo Alto, get in touch with Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling. The counseling center provides expert guidance and conversations mediated by a licensed professional. Contact them today for more information on their services.

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