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3 Signs It’s Time to See A Sex Therapist

Sex therapy is geared toward helping couples and single people speak openly and honestly about various issues that impact their personal and sexual life. Sexual health is a major component of mental health, and an unsatisfactory sex life can lead to other kinds of problems such as anxiety and depression.

However, given the stigma around mental health, people are still hesitant to acknowledge the benefits of sex therapy in helping us lead happier, healthier lives. Few people know that sex therapy exists, and an even smaller number is more likely to seek a professional. Here are a few signs that you need to be wary of:

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You don’t have the desire to have sex anymore

Maybe you don’t feel like having sex. Is there a biological reason for this? Are you under pressure at work? Are you in severe emotional distress?

To dig deeper and rule out specific causes, it can help to discuss the issue with a therapist. With their vast experience and knowledge on the subject, they can present plausible theories and help you connect the dots more quickly.

You feel pressured to have sex

It’s normal to not want to have sex due to a declining libido. You may also feel pressured about having sex or giving someone an orgasm, and it might cause dread or mild trepidation. Sex is about more than just reaching climax. It’s an intimate relationship and should be centered around feeling good and enjoying the activity, rather than feeling like you’re carrying out a chore.

You are questioning your attraction to other genders

Sexuality is a spectrum, and for some people, being attracted to other genders and exploring their sexuality is just a normal part of their lives. However, some people struggle with the idea and may be forced to confront a changing reality that they may have a hard time accepting.

It’s normal to experience these changes, and being open to exploring it in a safe space in therapy can help you deal with it on your terms.


There’s no shame in seeking sex therapy, but privacy is a common concern. I want to ensure you receive counseling in a comfortable and empathetic environment. I can help you overcome your sexual issues and understand that each problem and relationship is unique. I ensure that your personal information is not made available to anyone and can help you find ways to make your long-term relationship and marriage stronger.

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