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3 Ways to Avoid Feeling Lonely in a Relationship During the Pandemic

COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdowns have restricted people to their homes. Because of that, our relationships with our partners don’t look the way they used to be. A study conducted by Indiana University School of Public Health and School of Medicine shows that couples have experienced feelings of resentment towards each other living in close proximity at all times with decreased intimacy and feelings of loneliness. If you’re in a relationship and feeling lonely amidst the pandemic, these 3 tips are for you. 

1. Understand and Acknowledge Your Feelings

One of the biggest reasons to feel lonely in a relationship is that we divert our attention to things other than our feelings. Acknowledging our feelings and dealing with them is tough for most of us, but we must do it. 

The first step toward this is to slow down and reflect on those feelings of loneliness. Ask yourself why you feel those things, what triggers them, when they usually come up, etc. It will help you bring order to your nervous system and prevent you from getting defensive. 

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2. Assess Your Behaviors

It’s common for people to think that their partners cause their lonesome and despairing feelings. But know that’s not always true. Many times, we aren’t aware of how our words and actions are impacting the other person. If you don’t acknowledge the impact your words have on your spouse, you’ll eventually distance from them.

Lack of avoiding vulnerability, sharing, and being emotionally available contributes to your feelings of loneliness. Therefore, you must judge your behavior and feel empathy toward your partner. 

3. Don’t Speak Without Listening.

If you want a relationship to last long, communicate! Communication is a two-way stream of speaking and listening. Speaking too much, and forcing another person to listen without letting them speak can create tension. If your partner is ranting about something, show patience and listen to them. 

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This will enable both of you to feel heard and get closer. Most people feel lonely when they see that their partner is unapproachable and won’t listen to their story.

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