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3 Ways to Manage Pandemic Induced Anxiety That You’re Ignoring

The rising number of coronavirus cases in the US is stirring fear and anxiety among people daily. Social media is accentuating this anxiety by bringing you stories of the havoc this novel virus is wreaking. We all want to manage this anxiety, and here are 3 ways you can do that. 

Be in The Present

When we think about the future, we get scared and upset. The term “what if?” can turn your world upside down. It’s because you begin to imagine the wildest and impossible things that can happen to you or your loved ones. 

You can’t predict the future. Therefore, spending time thinking about it is a waste of energy. Instead, choose to focus on a few days or a week down the road. That will help you figure out possible outcomes within that time frame and help you plan accordingly. 

When we think too far ahead, we ignore to live in the present and get anxious over things that aren’t in our control. 

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Have Perspective and Think Scale Wise

You must keep things in perspective. It can help you with the amount of energy and attention you give to things. Make a rating scale in your mind from 0 to 100. Now think of an event that’ll have the least impact on you. Mark that as 0. Now think of the worst event of your life and mark it as 100.

Every other thing that’ll happen in your life will be in between these two extremes and relative to their rating. For instance, you rate your wife’s death as 100, losing your job as 70, and getting the virus as 50. On your way to the gym, someone overcame you, and it made you angry. Put this incident into perspective. 

Is it more important than losing your job or getting sick? It’s not! It’ll fall somewhere between 15 and 20. Therefore, it deserves that bit of your time and energy. Treat all your situations like this, and you’ll bid farewell to your anxiety.

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Sleep, Exercise, and Diet

Ensure that you’re getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day, eating a balanced diet, and getting some movement in. These three things can manage your anxiety well. You can get out of a routine very easily if you’re stressed, so try to maintain your sleep schedule, and you’ll be able to manage your COVID-induced anxiety well. 

Don’t forget to indulge in comfort food once in a while and ensure that you go for a walk every day. 

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