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4 Signs Your Partner Has Commitment Phobia

Commitment and communication are the building blocks of all relationships. No relationship, be it personal or professional, can survive for a long time if one party has a commitment phobia.

Commitment phobia is the fear of getting close to or forming emotional attachments with someone or something. Lack or absence of commitment is one of the main reasons why relationships go south.

Studies show that 85 percent of marriages fail because of a lack of commitment.

Not just romantic relationships, but a connection with the family, occupation, and work is also impacted due to lack of commitment.

However, it might be hard to notice signs of commitment phobia before it’s too late. Keep reading as we break down the symptoms that indicate that your partner is commitment-phobic.

Sign # 1: Fear Of The ‘F’ Word

One of the most apparent signs of commitment phobia is the fear of the future. A person with a commitment phobia will avoid discussing the future and delay making long-term plans with their partners.

Even if they talk about it, they’ll talk about it in very vague and unclear terms. The most they’ll talk about the future will be regarding a weekend holiday but nothing too serious.

Sign # 2: They Avoid Deep Talk

A commitment-phobic man or woman will struggle or avoid talking about serious and complicated things. These serious talks may include discussion about feelings or any other personal issue.

They’ll stick to mundane topics like current affairs or sports to avoid talking about themselves or the relationship.

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Sign # 3: History Of Short-Lived Relationships

Someone with a history of numerous short-term relationships is most likely to have commitment issues.

Short-lived relationships are very clear indicators of a person’s attitude and seriousness toward a relationship.

Sign # 4: They Don’t Trust People Easily

Being suspicious of people, especially those who try to be friendly, indicates tendencies of commitment phobia.

A commitment-phobic partner will have friends that have been with them for a long time, and they will be hesitant to make new ones.

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