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4 Small Changes That Can Make a Lasting Impact on Your Marriage

According to the American Psychological Association, 40–50% of marriages in the US end up in divorce. Saving a marriage doesn’t need you to make a huge intervention. Instead, bring a change in little daily habits can make a big difference in your marriage and help you go a long way in strengthening your relationship. Whether you want to reinforce your marriage or reignite a spark in your relationship, these 4 things can make a huge impact on your marriage.

Plan a Date Night Every Week

You need to spend one-on-one quality time with your spouse. A date night is a perfect time to do that. You must put it in your schedule, or else office work and family commitments will get in the way. You can also fix a day so that you don’t have to plan it every week. You can go on a romantic dinner to a fine dining restaurant and have a conversation over gourmet food and fine wine. If you’re tight on budget, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore. You can even grab a sandwich and walk on the beach and call it a date. It’s your date night, do it your way.

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Focus on Behaviors More Than You Do on Feelings

Imagine only going to work when you feel like it. Your attendance would be so sparse! But no matter how you feel, you show up to work because you value the paycheck. The same’s the case with marriage. If you only show affection towards your spouse and help them when you feel like it, it’ll tarnish the relationship you have with them. Until you value your marriage, you cannot have a healthy relationship. Therefore, don’t act upon your feelings. Instead, act because you want to nurture the feelings. 

Listen More, Speak Less

Talking more and listening less can cause miscommunication and wreak havoc in your marriage. Therefore, it’s important to actively listen to your spouse. This way, they’ll feel heard and respected. Hear what they have to say about their feelings and problems and ask them meaningful questions about them.

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Use Words of Encouragement

It’s easy to criticize than offer words of encouragement. But that should never be the case with your spouse. Just like you, your spouse works all day. Just like you, they get tired. Just like you, they want some words of encouragement so that they can morally build themselves up and work towards making the marriage work for both of you.

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