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Arguments in your Marriage — Can your Conflicts be Resolved?

According to a 2020 survey, approximately 62.34 million married couples live in the United States. Yet, all marriages are strewn with conflicts.

Avoiding conflicts in a marriage can be pretty impossible; however, it’s important to resolve these conflicts at the earliest because these conflicts can leave a bad impact on your life, your habits, and your mental health.

People toss the word divorce in the simplest of issues. In 2019, the divorce rate in the United States was about 2.7 per 1,000 of the population. Yet, try couples counseling or sex therapy first because many of these issues can be resolved before diving in. Here’s what you need to know about resolving marital conflicts.

Conflicts Stemming from Expectations

Unmet expectations can be a major conflict for some partners. Some expectations are also unreasonable. People just assume their partner would read their minds. When that doesn’t happen, the other partner in the relationship gets frustrated. Things don’t always go as expected, and your partner won’t always agree on lifestyle choices, finances, and family expectations.

What’s important here is being able to reach a middle ground. It doesn’t always happen organically, and a therapist can give you an objective view.

Conflicts From Finance

Finances can rock a marriage. Around 22% of divorces are attributed to financial disputes. Finances are something that should be discussed in premarital counseling. Not discussing financial matters and having different temperaments when it comes to financing can cause issues later on.

This can be solved by being transparent over budgeting and spending habits. Keeping a journal can help too.

The Subject of Children

There can be serious conflicts with the addition of children. Again, this is something that should be discussed before tying the knot. Your partner may want children, but you’d want to wait or not have them at all, and that can cause frustration.

There are also issues on parenting decisions that include education and expenses.

Discuss these conflicts with an understanding approach and make decisions based on what’s in your best interests.

Conflicts About Time Management

After the honeymoon bliss comes the stagnation of a 9 to 5 hustle. But now you have to share the remainder of your 24 hours with your better half. This could come between personal pursuits and hobbies.

It can be exhausting, but you need to manage key areas. Distribute chores evenly, spend time with your spouse, and find hobbies you can do together.

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Sexual Compatibility

The misalignment of sexual drives can throw a wrench in your plans and make you question your compatibility. But there are many underlying issues to lowered sex drive like stress, responsibilities, and poor self-esteem.

Weekly date nights and intimacy discussions can help you get on the same page. Moreover, it’s recommended to get sex therapy with your spouse.

Conflicts occur in every marriage, but it depends on you how you resolve them. It’s not always easy, so let Azizeh Rezaiyan’s couple therapy help you.

Azizeh is a licensed therapist with 20 years of experience in couples counseling and sex therapy. She’ll help identify underlying issues and patterns and generate empathy and open communication. She’ll help you enhance intimacy, respect, and adoration in your marriage.

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