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Avoidant Attachment in Intimate Relationships: Signs And Causes

Attachments are important to build trust and compatibility in a relationship. However, not all forms of attachments are healthy.

Avoidant attachment is a negative form of attachment that can cause a relationship to become unbearable and toxic for the partners.

In contrast, healthy or secure attachments can help form a strong and long-lasting bond between partners.

Keep reading this blog to understand avoidant attachment, its signs, and what causes it.

What Is Avoidant Attachment?

Avoidant attachment is an unhealthy attachment that can be harmful to a relationship.

This style of attachment potentially develops during early childhood. Adults with avoidant attachments are often uncomfortable exploring new relationships and avoid committing to anything serious.

People with avoidant attachments can be categorized into two types: anxious avoidants and dismissive avoidants. Individuals who form dismissive-avoidant attachments avoid developing emotional intimacy with their partners.

The anxiety and fear of being too close or too distant can result from anxious avoidant attachments.

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What Are The Signs Of Avoidant Attachment?

Several indicators can tell if your partner has tendencies of forming avoidant attachments.

The most common sign is that your partner will suppress or fail to show any emotions and avoid sharing their feelings and thoughts.

Another sign of avoidant attachment is commitment issues.

Being selfish about their own needs and ignoring their partner’s is another sign of avoidant attachment.

What Are The Causes Of Avoidant Attachment?

Childhood experiences play a huge part in forming habits of avoidant attachments later in life.

An emotionally unavailable parent or caregiver who fails to form a secure attachment with the child can develop avoidant attachment as an adult.

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