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Signs You Could be a Sex Addict

Sexually expressive people are usually seen as more confident and happier. However, that’s not always the case. Although expressive people can have better relationships, the issue arises when they can no longer control their urges.

Sexual addiction can have dire consequences, just like drug addiction can. Here are some signs that can help you recognize if you’re suffering from it.

Sign #1: Sexual Relations with Multiple Partners

A common sign of being a sex addict is engaging in sexual acts with multiple partners, but not finding satisfaction. Sex addicts find it hard to be loyal to one person. In a relationship, they tend to decieve their partner often.

Sign #2: Disinterest in Partner or Spouse

Disinterest in a partner is the most obvious sign of problems in a relationship. When one half of a couple starts to show disinterest in being intimate, there might be a deeper problem.

Although it doesn’t always mean sex addiction, when accompanied by the other signs, sex addiction might be the reason.

Sign #3: Neglecting Responsibilities

As with most addictions, sex addicts will put finding sexual gratification over their responsibilities. They put their desire over family commitments, job responsibilities, and everything else not sex-related.  

Sign #4: Being Dismissive of the Risks

According to the CDC, the STI exposure rate shows no signs of decreasing. A sex addict will not care about the risk. Neither does the risk of getting caught in a transgression bother them nor does the risk of catching an STD.

They might ponder these issues, but eventually, they will dismiss the risk and engage in unsafe practices.

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Sign #5: Inability to See it as an Issue

If you’ve ever spoken to an alcoholic or a drug addict about their addiction, a common theme among them is the inability to see it as a problem. There is a similar situation with sex addicts.

Sex addicts will experience denial and unwillingness to discuss their addiction. Starting this discussion is the hardest part. Admitting it at the start can be frustrating, but it will be the first step to recovery.

Sign #6: Feeling Guilty and Remorseful

Although many sex addicts can be uncaring over others’ feelings to fulfill their desires, they might still feel guilt or remorse. The more they engage in it, the guiltier they feel.

Unfortunately, like eating disorders, this ‘emotional hangover’ results in them engaging in more risky sexual acts.

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Consult with a Professional

If the signs fit you, you might be a sex addict. Consult a therapist to help you deal with it and be a better partner.

We can help you deal with your problems through therapy and counseling at Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling. We advise you to consult an experienced family therapist for relationship counseling and marriage counseling in Palo Alto to deal with life’s issues.

Getting help is the first step to healing from this addiction. Try group therapy, inpatient or outpatient rehab, or contact us so we can guide you better.

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