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Debunking 4 Myths and Stereotypes About Marriage Counseling

There’s always been a stigma attached to therapy and counseling. Most individuals consider it unnecessary to resolve their issues. Therefore, it prevents people from receiving professional help due to the fear of being shunned by society.

However, multiple studies have proven the effectiveness of marriage counseling. Couples who participate in counseling report increased satisfaction and happiness in their marriage.

With the advancement and mental awareness, people are seeing past the negative connotations and seeking professional help. Let’s debunk 4 myths and stereotypes about marriage counseling.

Myth #1: A Stranger Cannot Understand Our Problems

It is a common myth about marriage counseling that prevents the couple from consulting a professional. However, the reality is the opposite. Since a counselor doesn’t know you personally, they will have an impartial stance on the situation. You are too immersed in your problems to find a solution, whereas a counselor observes your situation from afar.

They will offer new insights that are in your best interest. That way, you can make better choices to deal with the challenges.

Myth # 2: Counselor Is Going To Be Biased

People wrongly believe that the counselor will take sides upon hearing the problems in the marriage. The fear stops them from seeking couple therapy. However, a good counselor never takes sides. Their goal is to protect the relationship and resolve conflicting ideas that lead to its damage.

If a counselor is addressing your partner’s concern, it doesn’t mean they’re taking sides. Understand that both of you need to find a middle ground and compromise to protect your marriage. That is what the counselor is trying to do – helping you and your partner align with each other’s goals.

Myth # 3: Counseling Is Expensive

Look at it this way; counseling is an investment in your relationship. Couples spend thousands on their wedding, vacations, celebrations, and household essentials. However, if your relationship is unhealthy, none of it will bring you happiness. Consider it spending money on something that will ensure contentment, like food and shopping.

Myth # 4: Couple Counseling Is Never-Ending

If you and your spouse have a history of personal trauma, couple therapy may take some time. The counselor needs to address all your concerns and pain points for effective resolution. However, it mostly depends on the couple and how willing they are to resolve their issues.

Emotionally Focused Therapy, a short-termed couple therapy, typically takes 8 – 20 sessions. It helps individual examine their emotional responses to form a secure emotional bond.

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A credible and certified therapist can lead you through your marriage’s problems and offer practical insights to build a stronger relationship. Connect with us at Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling to seek certified professional help. Dr. Azizeh E. Rezaiyan is a licensed English and Farsi speaking therapist with over 20 years of experience in couple counseling. She helps couples rebuild trust and spark in the relationship.

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