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Do We Need Sex Therapy?

There’s this notion that sex therapy ends with the therapist suggesting threesomes and other ‘alternative’ sex acts to keep things interesting in the bedroom. But that’s far from the truth.

Sex therapy primarily focuses on opening up the lines of communication between both partners and identifying and addressing the root cause of their issues, with the guidance of a therapist.

The media may have you convinced that everyone but you has an exciting sex life, but that’s simply not true. Sex doesn’t come easily to all of us; for many people, it’s a source of anxiety. In fact, most people will face sexual problems at some point in their lives.

New couples often have adjustment problems and are conscious about initiating sex and discovering each other’s likes and dislikes. New parents are often too exhausted to make the bedroom a priority, and find themselves struggling to give time to their partners. Moreover, things can get mundane for middle-aged couples who’ve been together for a long time and have lost the spark they once had.

No matter what the reason, sex is a crucial component of romantic relationships, and couples should seek professional help if they feel like they need it.

Here’s how sex therapy helps:

Talk About Sex

Times have changed, but sex remains a taboo subject. Sex therapists talk about sex without any hesitance or awkwardness. They’re direct in their approach and encourage couples to do the same.

You may be reluctant to talk about sex with others, but there’s nothing off-limits in sex therapy. You can be open as you like without feeling judged.

The majority of medical professionals don’t undergo any training in sex therapy, so they aren’t able to give clients the answers they need. Sex therapists specialize in the discipline; they’re well aware of the anxiety that comes with talking about something so personal, and do what they can to put you at ease.

Identify the Cause

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Couples tend to avoid confrontation when it comes to problems in their sex life. Fears are masked in anger, accusations, resentment, and hurt, preventing their partner from bringing things up.

Studies show that couples can take up to six years before approaching a sex therapist about their problems in the bedroom.

Sex therapy gives couples a safe place to discuss and confront their problems, so they can work together to find solutions.

Treat Individual Issues

Most sex therapists interview each partner individually before bringing them together and helping them find effective solutions. In the separate interviews, the partners are asked about their relationship and sexual history. Sex therapists may inquire about past relationships, their parents’ marriages, and how they shaped their views on romantic relationships.

Sex therapists take the time to understand each partner’s problems before creating a roadmap for the couple; this way, both partners feel supported and understood.

Azizeh is a trusted sex therapist based in Palo Alto. Her compassion and experience in the field allow her to support couples by addressing sex-related problems that could become a wedge in their relationship.

Couples can schedule an appointment online or call (650) 206-9973 free 20-minute phone consultation.


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