The 22 – 29 Period

Emotional Development: Why Counseling is Recommended for People Under 30

Theoretically speaking, the bulk of one’s emotional development happens between 0 and 6 years of age with various other developmentally critical stages in one’s life such as puberty. Though psycho-emotional development during such periods in one’s life may not be as influential as the stages from ages 0 – 6, they are still considered to be formative years when it comes to one’s character and persona.

The 22 – 29 Period

Many therapists and mental health practitioners believe that apart from puberty and the notorious midlife crises, the period when people are in their twenties is particularly critical to development. It is during this time that a lot of what you may have picked up developmentally when you were younger is manifesting in personality and character traits.

It is this time when we learn and figure out what works and what doesn’t, what is acceptable and what isn’t and so on. It is a time when characteristics set.

Why Counseling is Essential

Why Counseling is Essential

The thing about this period in the lives of most people is that it can get quite scary, turbulent and confusing. An increased awareness might leave one anxious about various aspects of their personality. It is also at this time that unhealthy personality traits such as rage, negativity and addiction can be clocked and effectively addressed.

The trouble is, this is also a time when though outwardly social, people are also isolated on a personal level. Further, sometimes tight knit social groups cannot really offer one the kind of insight and perspective needed to process and evolve.

It is for this reason that counseling is highly essential during the pre-thirties period in one’s life.

How Counseling Helps

The first way counseling helps during this period is with filling in developmental gaps. Whatever discrepancies there may have been by way of psychological care received during childhood can be addressed and worked on in counseling during this time.

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