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Pre-Marital Counseling: The Most Essential Gift a New Couple Needs

Getting married is the best thing one can do, but do you understand how it works? Marriage has many aspects that need to be given careful thought. Most marriages in the past didn’t feel the need to discuss what a marital future would be like for the couple. As times have advanced, more people are opting for sorting things out before they enter a marriage.

Most couple counseling services suggest couples go through pre-marital counseling with a reliable marriage counselor to plan their future roles and duties.

Pre-marital counseling covers a cluster of areas such as:

  • Finances
  • Role Distribution
  • Children
  • Decision-making
  • Anger management

Couples are asked to exchange their views with the therapist, who provides further clarity and advice to the new couple.

A generic question here is, “How can a third-party stranger guide us about our marriage?”. Research at Wiley endorsed some years ago the viability of a third-person to diffuse conflicts of interests. Third-parties were also found to be beneficial with transference analysis and therapy.

Renowned marriage researcher John Gottman believes that disagreements are a part of every marriage. In fact, disagreements in marriage bring in diverse options and more choices than just our own. It’s how these disagreements are taken by the involved parties that matters. That’s exactly how teams operate in offices to become better with their projects.

It won’t be wrong, then, to claim that pre-marital counseling is imperative to introduce a thorough organizational footprint to the marriage.

Click here to read more about the works of Professor Emeritus, John Gottman.

Read below to find out why we’re claiming a pre-marriage guidance and counseling session is the best wedding gift for a new couple:

Couples Know Themselves Better

A couple might have never thought of finance distribution until asked directly by the therapist. This is where couples often come forward in their true personalities to decide on the subject. Most decisions couples make here are nascent and un-guided. An experienced therapist can play a great role in addressing the couple’s decisions in a calm environment.

At Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, we indulge in discussing living arrangements, finances, and the cross-cultural relationship dynamic. Our expert, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, is a certified professional with two decades of counseling experience. Her approach to counseling is based on direct questioning in a calm, secure environment.

Resolving Marital Conflicts

It’s always better to resolve possible marital conflicts before marriage. With finances, in-law issues, and living arrangement questions sorted, couples can enjoy their married life better. A good therapist puts in the most effort in making couples reach conclusions that mutually benefit them.

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Silicon Valley relationship counseling is effective in bridging gaps between spouses. With the expertise of Dr. Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, couples find it easy to resolve their issues and move ahead. Our service is based in Palo Alto, California. We offer a range of services, including anxiety and depression therapy. Clients can easily know about our services and fee structure through our website. Contact our trusted marriage therapist at 650 206 9973.

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