Premarital Counseling And What It Brings To The Table

Premarital Counseling And What It Brings To The Table

We go into everything in life with our eyes wide open. At least we try to. We’ll research a new course or training program we might want to take up. We might visit a consultant before making a business decision or a realtor before investing in a new home. Why then do we feel that marriage, despite what a massive decision it may be is not entitled to the same meticulous consideration?

A good marriage has the potential to lift those involved up and help them thrive. A bad marriage can do the opposite. When it comes to marriage, one has to wonder if there is in fact a way that we can enter the arrangement from a place of more mindful awareness.

Premarital Counseling is One Way

One way to really take stock of things and enter an intimate arrangement like a marriage better equipped and prepared is by taking premarital counseling. For those of you wondering how this is so, we’re going to elaborate on some of the things premarital counseling and going in for the same brings to the table.

Working on Foundations

A good and successful marriage rests in the foundations you build. In many cases these foundations are put in place before the first proposal has even been made. That being said, streamlining this process will just make your marriage stronger and more resilient in future.

Premarital counseling is a great way to streamline and fortify the foundations of your relationship and hence your marriage.

Communication Skills

In many relationships, relational problems and disparity often come down to a lack of communication. When the thrill and excitement of the honey mood period simmers down a little, it boils down to how well you and your partner are able to communicate among other key things.

Premarital counseling can really help you develop and improve on communication which in turn will allow you to navigate various situations emotional and otherwise a lot better.

Processing Negativity

Even in the best of relationships, there are times when one partner might do or say something that upsets the other. For the most part, if discussed, cleared and put down this isn’t a big deal. Problems arise when disagreements and resentments are shoved under the rug and left to fester.

Premarital counseling allows individuals to process such hidden resentments hence avoiding relational toxicity in the future!

Addressing Fear and Anxiety

Let’s face it; even the marriages that have been planned and waited on involve a level of fear and anxiety. What if it goes wrong? What if we tire of each other? What if we’re not making the right choice? The list could go on.

Where some fear and anxiety might be based in truth, much of it is simply apprehension and baggage that needs to be attended to and processed. A premarital counselor would be the best person to process and settle such emotions with.

Outside Perspective

Last but not least, in the case where you might be in a situation that is in fact unhealthy and something of a disaster waiting to happen, a therapist can help. In certain toxic relationships, those involved are unable to see what is wrong with their interactions.

In such cases, outside perspective, particularly that of a qualified couple’s therapist can really be beneficial. If the situation is detrimentally toxic, one gets the space and clarity needed to pull back. On the flipside, if the situation is one that can be salvaged and improved upon, a good therapist would help equip you with the tools to do just that!

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, premarital counseling especially if you feel like you’re apprehensive or on edge about your relationship is highly recommended. Even if you don’t but just want some clarity and to go in having done all you could do by way of emotional prep, it’s a great idea!

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