Relational Conflicts And What You Can Do

Relational Conflicts And What You Can Do

Each person comes into a relationship with certain expectations; when those expectations aren’t met, it results in conflicts. No two people think the same, no matter how many things in common they have, and that’s why there are bound to be problems in any relationship.

It is inevitable that you and your partner will run into a few bumps in the road here and there. Every relationship has its ups and downs but a successful couple is one who knows how to get past those obstacles together.

It’s important that when the going gets tough, instead of hiding away from conflicts, you and your partner face them together, head on. You’ll both get closer to each other once you conquer that obstacle.

So here are a few common conflicts that couples face in a relationship and ways to overcome them.


A lot of relational conflicts stem from money issues. From the expenses of a high-cost wedding to one spouse spending money extravagantly on something unnecessary, money can be the root cause of a lot of marital woes.

Instead of letting anger take over, couples should be honest about their current financial situation with each other. If one partner is spending money thoughtlessly, then the other should calmly explain to them that such a lifestyle is unrealistic for them. Look for ways to spend money and live comfortably together.

Home Chores

Most couples tend to work fairly exhaustive jobs, so it is a common practice that household chores are divided equally. But sometimes, one person may slack in doing their part of the work and this could lead to fights. Or it can often happen that one person may think the number of chores assigned to them isn’t fair and the other is getting off easy.

It is important that chores are divided equally and fairly from the start; each person should agree on who does what. But rather than setting things in stone, you both can be open to other solutions. Make a flexible schedule and work together.


A lot of marriages suffer because one person works late nights, or travels often. Spending quality time together is the key to a happy relationship. If one partner neglects spending enough time with the other, issues are bound to arise.

It is better to have scheduled ‘date nights’ in a week and stick to them no matter what. If for some reason, you can’t go out on scheduled date nights, be sure to make up for it later on.

Conflict is a simple fact of a relationship but it doesn’t have to be a threat to it. Once you get over a disagreement in a healthy manner, you become closer together. If you feel as if you and your spouse are facing relationship conflicts, then it is best to go to marriage counseling together.

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