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Share If You Care: How Can a Counselor Help Your Marriage

Marriage counseling is a relatively new concept. It was introduced in Germany in the mid-twentieth century. It wasn’t as advanced as it is today, but it all began with Paul Popenoe’s column, The Man Who Saves Marriages.

Today, marriage counseling is an established field of study in the US and abroad. According to recent statistics, the total revenue generated by psychologists, social workers, and marriage counselors was estimated to be 11 billion US dollars. The figures are bound to increase, considering the current emphasis on mental health and the cultivation of the mind.

It’s often wrongly believed that if couples go for marriage counseling, their marriage is on the brink of a divorce. Marriage counselors insist that couples not only go for therapy after marriage but also participate in pre-marital counseling sessions to sort their issues beforehand. Seeing a counselor for marriage-related issues only benefits the marriage.

Experienced marriage counselors work closely with the couple and their families to examine relationship matters of worth. Looking for marriage counseling in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling is the best place for you. Explore our website to learn more about who we are.

A marriage counselor can be of help in so many ways. We’ve listed a few for you:

Restoring Communication

It’s only a counselor who can do this best. Silent treatment in a marriage is a continued denial of a partner to share their emotions and feelings with their spouse. It is the ultimate apple of discord in marriages since no grudge can be resolved without proper communication.

A counselor works towards restoring communication between partners. A counselor engages a couple with the best form of listening there is; empathetic listening.

Analyzing Conflicts

Most times, couples are so fixed on their own point of view they hardly bother to pay attention to what others have to say. Most conflicts in marriage can be resolved through timely negotiation. A counselor offers couples the opportunity to engage in a healthy debate with an unbiased, empathetic listener.

Our expert therapist, Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, finds childhood traumas and attachment to be the root cause of all post-marital problems. The role of the counselor, she believes, is to help couples rewrite together the narrative of their lives. But this time, the narrative is pushed by the fresh perspectives that the counselor provides.

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Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling is a reliable relationship counseling center in Palo Alto, CA. We offer marriage counseling therapy, male depression therapy, and family relationship counseling. We’re led by Dr. Azizeh E. Rezaiyan, who’s worked with couples, families, and individuals for the past 20 years. Our service is centered around providing a safe space for families and couples to raise their concerns without being judged or criticized. To book an appointment with us, call us at 650 206 9973.

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